Prison Term Ends but Can Life Begin Again?

Veracruz Pedroza Sanchez’ book has received rave reviews and has secured a long-term position on’s bestseller list.

Imagine two cousins, Fernando and Vera, growing up together — close as family can be. But like many young minorities, Fernando is drawn to the dark side. Vera perseveres and earns a Masters Degree. One day, after a Super Bowl party, Fernando is arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for possession of drugs. Through the years, he writes to Vera about his troubles, family life, hardships, regrets, dreams, and forgiveness while growing into the man Vera knew he could be. In the end, he promises to leave the lifestyle that cost him his freedom, but can his best intentions survive his past. This book is a tribute to beloved Nando. It combines childhood memories with Prison Letters that will touch you in a way no book ever has!

Veracruz Pedroza Sanchez’ book has received rave reviews and has secured a long-term position on’s bestseller list. She has been invited to speak to groups at various colleges and events. Here’s what Frances Reeder had to say: “In her literary debut, the author Veracruz Pedroza Sanchez, leads us through a web of family dynamics that shares joy, sorrow, pain, and grief. This book, a warm and sensitive tribute to her cousin Fernando Sanchez, allows the reader to share the most intimate moments of their relationship. Veracruz’s voice is strong through to the end. Her pain and grief are tangible!! The text of the prison letters is remarkably profound and insightful, giving the reader a rare view into the life of Fernando. Veracruz’s book is truly a tribute to family, to love, and to loyalty. The reader is left with feelings of sadness, loss, and hope. Any reader will find commonalities to relate to in this uniquely formatted narrative.”

Sanchez was born and raised in San Diego. She grew up in Logan Heights, where she became fluent in both English and Spanish. As part of a magnet program, Vera was bussed to Mission Bay High School, where she graduated in 1998. She attended Grossmont College and later graduated from San Diego State University with her bachelor’s in English and her master’s in Education. She has been an English/Literature teacher for middle and high students, a ballet folkloric teacher and dancer, a choreographer, and a basketball coach. Vera was also part of the Chicano Park Restoration Project, where she and other Chicana artist restored and painted the mural, “Women Hold Up Half The Sky.” Vera currently lives in San Diego.

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