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Nov 26, 2014 – USA – In the era that the e-commerce become mainstream of shopping trend, more and more people prefer to have shopping online or someone even buy almost everything from the Internet. That is why the e-commerce sites become so flourished and popular around the world. Along with the popular of online shipping site, these websites which offer value-added services such as also become more and more popular. Pricejot offers online professional and reliable Amazon price tracker, price drop alerts, price history and other related services.

The founder for Amazon price history site Pricejot has very deeply understanding about the operation principle and features of the Amazon. Most of people are willing to purchasing anything on Amazon but they will always face with a problem which is that they do not have enough money to purchase products that they have fully desire to buy. In this case, most of these consumers will wait for the price dropping for these expensive products. Therefore, the service for Amazon price tracking, price alerts and special promotions become demand for these consumers. That is the main reason why the amazon price alert online site becomes very necessary.

The function of the price tracker service from pricejot is to track the price of particular commodities on Amazon and allow users to check at all price changes of goods they have interesting to purchase. Each consumer can enter the product keyword to finish query or they could also enter a specific Amazon web site URL and even the Amazon Standard identification Number to query.

In order to help consumers have directly understanding about the price changing of their interested products, the amazon price history service from pricejot offer the clearly tracking chart which just likes the stock price chart and it could achieve the daily record to Amazon site, including the lowest price, highest price, average price and current price. People who need this service could use their Email that can help them timely get the price dropping notification.

In addition, the Amazon Price Tracker service provider pricejot also lists the latest goods that have been tracked by this online platform. These commodities’ tracked link, address and keywords have also been listed.

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PriceJot offers online professional and reliable Amazon price tracker, price drop alerts, price history charts. Compare prices and find the best deal & coupon, Visit website: Our Amazon Price Tracker is 100% free. You can always set price alerts for when prices drop below a certain threshold on any Amazon product. Alerts containing price information and product links will be delivered to you via Email, Twitter or both when the alert is triggered.

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