Preventive Dentistry – Exercise Oral Health now

Dr Sol Weiss, Toronto’s cosmetic dental surgeon, emphasizes how oral dental health affects and prevents conditions like tooth decay and gum disease.  He goes as far as to expound on measures to prevent just this. Included in his strategy are twice-a-year visits to the dental surgeon and oral hygienists. However, oral health begins at home. Let’s see what he recommends.

The Art of Preventive Dentistry

Brushing – There are many ways one can improve the health of their teeth. Obviously, brushing well (recommended 3 minutes) at least twice a day is beneficial. Brushing not only removes food particles but ensures the gums are stimulated. Stimulating or massaging the gums ensures good periodontal care and ensures a good blood flow. There are various appliances for doing this mechanically. This daily exercise makes sure the gums are healthy and are not subject to disease via the immune system. 

Flossing the teeth – This should be done at least once a day because food particles lodge between the teeth and, if not removed, can set up tooth decay. The use of a mouthwash is also recommended and there are many of those to choose from. However, it is good practice to use a solution of lukewarm water and half a teaspoon of salt. This is a remedy for fighting germs.

Hydration – If the body is well hydrated, the entire bodily system is flushed and cleaned, including the mouth. Staying well hydrated is a good preventative measure for tooth decay as it helps to neutralize acids and minimize the damage they cause. .

Diet – Consumption of acidic food and drink, which circulate in the bloodstream, can wear down the enamel on the teeth over a period. Too much sugar is also a contender for this and it’s recommended that both sugary and acidic foods are avoided to prevent enamel erosion and cavity formation.

The Dental Hygienist

The dental hygienist at your regular dental care provider will clean away the plaque and any tartar that has formed on the gum line. The hygienist will also polish the teeth and inform the dental surgeon that you are ready for an in-depth examination.

In Depth examination

Dr Sol Wiess, the cosmetic dental surgeon in Toronto, will conduct an in-depth examination of the teeth and gums. There may well be chips or small cracks in the teeth which, if not attended to, can cause problems in the future. There may be some decay hidden below the gum line which will be difficult to see when first examining the teeth. Cancer of the mouth or oral cancer is also prevented by a thorough inspection which Dr Sol Wiess will perform. He will identify any abnormalities.

Oral health can act as a preventive measure for many issues and, therefore, a regular check-up is essential. A twice-yearly check is important and good oral health will show up in your dental examinations. This makes performing preventative dentistry an essential part of good overall oral health.

If you wish to contact Dr Sol Weiss and the team to find out more and make an appointment, please visit this website.

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