Presti Technologies Starts Campaign On Kickstarter For Funding Ventila, The Unique Fan For Backpacks

Presti Technologies announces campaign on Kickstarter for Ventila: a new ventilation fan for backpacks and more.

Presti Technologies, product specialists and supply chain expert with over 20 years of experience in project manufacturing and management, has announced that they are starting a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter for their newest project Ventila. It is an innovative ventilation fan for backpacks and others. Sweating backpacks can soon be a thing of the past, allowing people to enjoy their adventure trips better and in a hassle-free manner.

“If you are a traveler or hiker using a backpack regularly, then you will easily identify with the problem of backpack sweat,” says the spokesperson for Presti Technologies. “It can be annoying and embarrassing and can take the fun out of your adventure trip. Our advanced ventilation fan has been designed to never let sweaty backpacks interfere with your fun times.”

There are many conventional solutions available for dealing with sweaty backpacks but they do not always deliver satisfactory solutions to the problem. People have been using breathable padding or airflow channel and mesh back panels/external frames to deal with the problem but these solutions can work only when there is wind to allow heat and moisture to escape.

According to Presti Technology, since we have access to advanced technologies today, it is important that we apply them to arrive at a better solution to deal with the problem. Ventila can help travelers and hikers take control of their life by upgrading their backpacks. They won’t ever have to deal with sweaty backpacks ever again. It is an advanced ventilation fan that’s just what people carrying backpacks always needed.

Ventila is the world’s first wearable backpack ventilation fan that prevents the back of the user from soaking in sweat when they are wearing a backpack. It is designed to make trips more comfortable and enjoyable. It is a powerful fan with minimalist design and can integrate seamlessly with backpacks of any type and size. Ventila is designed to work with almost all body shapes and keeps back 100% dry and cool for the entire length of the trip, regardless of warm or cold weather.

Ventila is worn between the back and backpack of the user and is virtually invisible and undetectable. It will not have any effect on back or on the look or the features of the backpack. The patent-pending contours of Ventila conform to the back and pack as it is specifically tailored to fit in the space in between. It can be snugly and effortlessly attached to the backpack regardless of the design and material of the pack.

Presti Technologies has a pledged crowdfunding target of HK $20,000 for the project. The deadline for achieving the funding goal is 1 November, 2017. The company has already built many prototypes and samples and will be looking for a manufacturer to build the product commercially.

About Ventila:

Ventila is a project by Presti Technologies. It is a new generation fan designed to provide an effective solution to the vexing problem of backpack sweat. It is the ideal kit for commuters, travelers and hikers who carry a backpack to work or hikes. The powerful fan is designed to fit all types of backpacks and body types.

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