President Trump’s War On Drugs – Is He Declaring War On Drug Users? Weighs In

Is President Trump going to win the war on drugs when so many other administrations failed?
Is President Trump’s War On Drugs, an all out declaration of war against addicts? Is it driven from the loss of his brother Freddy to addiction?

It has been reported that on average 144 people per day die from drug related overdoses. That is roughly enough deaths per year to fill up Yankee Stadium. Addiction is a real problem in America and quite frankly not enough people are talking about it.

Addiction is such a widespread issue that roughly 70% of employers have felt the backlash from addiction related occurrences such as missing work, loss of productivity and other related areas.

So what will Trump and his administration do to prevent specifically opioid addiction and prescription drug deaths? Well we all know how he privately praised Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on how great of a job he is doing.

With President Trump’s passion for eradicating the drug addiction epidemic in America, it is no wonder that he wants to prosecute drug offenders more heavily than previous administrations. It is not widely known to most Americans that President Trump lost his brother Freddy to addiction many years ago. So can you really blame a guy for being passionate about eliminating drug abuse, so it prevents further deaths?

While we have to be careful we do not become the Philippines, by gunning down drug offenders, thereby eliminating due process and making police officers judge jury and executioner.

So what can parents do to help prevent addiction in their own home? Start by talking to your kids about the dangers of using any type of drugs whether it be prescription drugs, or ecstacy and other street drugs. The consequences are severe and we don’t want the youth of our country to be a drain on our society, we want them to prosper and to live a fulfilled life. Which most addicts will tell you is almost impossible.

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So, if you are of the mind that a “war on drugs” is actually a “war on addicts” then yes President Trump is declaring war on addicts. This war though is for the betterment of the addicts, as well as society as a whole. Ask someone that attends Al-Anon (a support group for family members of addicts) and they will tell you that they (the family) is willing to do just about anything to get their loved one out of the black pit that is addiction.

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