Prepare scrumptious meals with the new Silicone Spatulas from LUCENTEE®

Cooking has never been this easy! With the new improved Silicone Spatulas from LUCENTEE®, the preparation of cold and hot meals has become more bearable. From creating cold batter for cakes, to scrapping scrambled eggs from a hot frying pan, the Silicone Spatulas are the most ideal cooking utensil around.

The LUCENTEE Silicone Spatulas at Amazon are heat resistant and comes in two sizes large and small which are very ideal for mixing, flipping and decorating the most delicious mixtures. It makes general handling of food easier.

“This hot couple will fold doughs and batters, stir sauces and stews, get sauces out of jars and decorate cakes.” With a money back guarantee all their products are made from high quality, super soft silicone. The best part of their product is that it is approved by the FDA and stamped as dishwasher safe.

“Discover the secret that will revolutionize the way to cook forever.” Tired of the spatulas that are being used, the cheap quality products that melt, break, retain odor and over bend at high temperatures,” then exchange it for the new Silicone Spatulas.

It is hygienic, protects food, easy to clean and transfers no heat. This is great for children use especially when teaching them in the kitchen.

Lucentee has a youthful team who works hard towards bringing their customers the best new products on the market. Their vision is to bring inspiration whilst creating healthy fun in kitchens all around the world.

“Cooking is no longer just a chore, it’s an adventure!” all made possible by the Silicone Spatula. They are lightweight, easy to handle, easy to use, non-stick, stainless, ergonomically friendly.

M.H. DAWSON a satisfied customer had this to say, “I have always used wooden spatulas until recently. Silicone is so much better. I absolutely love this 3-piece silicone spatula set! I have been using them for a little over a week now and I can’t find a single thing to complain about… nothing. They are heat resistant up to 600 degrees, non-stick, stain resistant, odour resistant, well made and the colours are so fun and bright. You don’t have to worry about one of these melting in your pan, bending or breaking. They are very sturdy yet flexible…”

Get the most well designed utensil around before they are all finished right now on

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