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Google announced that Universal Analytics is now out of its beta mode. All the features and tools are now available to users. Universal Analytics is basically a new version of Google Analytics. The need for a new version of Google’s analytics tool became evident with the increasing popularity of mobile devices. The old tool offered by Google did not accurately calculate a marketer’s outreach since it did not use data from mobile visitors or tablet users. For more information one can read the – WP Dollar 2.0 Review thread.

The features available through Universal Analytics are similar to the ones you were used to with Google Analytics. If you had the opportunity to test the beta version, you should easily adapt to the new tool. Some issues have been fixed and the features have been available to everyone but the tool is basically the same. More information can be seen on the WP Dollar 2.0 Review fanpage.

Universal Analytics is included in the services offered to Google Premium users. You can access the service without having a Premium account if you feel that you do not need the other features offered to Premium users. Overall, Universal Analytics is a must have tool if you work as an online marketer. This tool will give you accurate insights into the number of users you are reaching out to, regardless of the platform they use. One can watch the – WP Dollar 2.0 Review video for more insights.

Universal Analytics will allow you to measure the impact of your mobile marketing campaign. If you have not been using platforms such as Smartphones or tablets so far, this could be a great opportunity to get started. Universal Analytics has been around for quite some time but the tool coming out of its beta mode is an important step for Google and for online marketers. You should give this tool a try if you have never used it before. Universal Analytics could become a very efficient way to measure your outreach through different platforms.

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