Pregnancy Risks Including Stillbirth Dramatically Increased for Obese Pregnant Women

Lower Tragic Pregnancy Risks by Choosing Bariatric Surgery from a Leading Clinic Such as the New York Bariatric Group

New Hyde Park, NY – A new study puts hard facts and a direct link to what many already suspected, which is that a higher, unhealthy BMI during pregnancy leads to a greater risk of stillbirth, fetal death, infant death and various other complications as well. It’s further proof that obese individuals need to take action not merely for how they look, but for their personal health and welfare as well, and today’s leading types of bariatric surgery are the ideal solution for both rapid and long-term results.

The study, conducted by Imperial College London and led by Dagfinn Aune, M.S., looked at nearly 50,000 fetal deaths, stillbirths, perinatal deaths, neonatal deaths and infant deaths, and performed a meta-analysis based on the BMI of the mother.

The higher the BMI, the greater the risk of such outcomes occurring, with severely obese women having the greatest risk. For pregnant women with a BMI greater than 40, there is a two to three times greater risk of one of these outcomes occurring compared to women with a BMI of 20, which is considered in the normal, healthy range.

Weight management prior to pregnancy is therefore essential, and controlling weight during pregnancy is also important, particularly for women are already overweight and considered to be obese.

For many obese individuals, dieting and exercising alone never produce results though. With the help of bariatric surgery performed by one of the country’s most renowned team of experts, the New York Bariatric Group, obese women considering pregnancy will be able to swiftly lose much of their excess weight and maintain a stable, healthy lifestyle.

This will leave their bodies in a superior condition for pregnancy, and dramatically reduce the risk of tragic pregnancy outcomes such as stillbirths and infant death.

It’s important to wait at least 18 months after a weight loss surgical procedure to become pregnant, to allow the body to reach a stabilized weight and fully recover.

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