Powerful Documentary “Give Me Shelter” Being Hailed as the New “Blackfish”

Controversial humanitarian and animal protection films are making headlines as newsmakers like CNN take notice of the strong audience reactions and online social debates erupting in their wake.

Hollywood, CA – The new animal welfare film “Give Me Shelter” from documentary producer Katie Cleary is being called a ‘Must See’ by National Geographic, the same news organization that helped catapult the indie film “Blackfish” to the top of the Netflix hits list.

Independent film directors are using the Internet, streaming TV, and social media to grow their audiences, and the ripple effect is exponential. There is no longer a waiting period for viewing movies that are mentioned by friends or co-workers. People can literally watch a film like “Give me Shelter” on Netflix within minutes of hearing or reading about it. This kind of organic marketing is extraordinarily powerful and it makes some companies like Sea World, which was exposed in the film “Blackfish” very nervous. The film contended that Sea World was forcing killer whales to perform in captivity after being abducted from the wild.

The powerful documentary “Give Me Shelter” takes another very serious look at, not only the Sea World issue, but also some of the most important animal welfare issues worldwide. The provocative film is now poised to be the next “Blackfish.”

It takes an extraordinary film to stand out in the world of documentaries—especially those about animals. Most animal films and programs concentrate on natural behaviors and habitats of the animals in the wild. These films have won critical acclaim for their portrayals and camera work. There are more ways, however, to look at animals and those who fight to protect them. “Give Me Shelter” is one such film that also educates its viewers on crucial animal welfare issues.

Similar to “Blackfish,” this movie takes a stark and serious look at the under belly of the animal world. “Give Me Shelter” creator and producer Katie Cleary and director Kristin Rizzo concentrate their efforts on showing how people use and exploit animals for greed and profit. This is the first film for both ladies, and they are excited about the release on various media sites. “The film is already available on iTunes Movies, Barnes And Noble, Amazon, Vudu and CinemaNow,” says Cleary, “and we are pleased to announce the movie’s debut on Netflix.”

An international award winning documentary, “Give Me Shelter” looks at such topics as puppy mills, the ivory trade, circuses, the fur trade, shark finning, the black market trade of endangered species and poaching — just to name a few. Its focus is to raise awareness for animal welfare issues and highlight the advocates who work tirelessly to protect such animals.

“This is anything but a light hearted animal film. We are exposing some serious issues and painful topics that the public is not aware of, but that need to be exposed. We want to create a social movement and guide more people to action so that help is given to all animals in need,” said Cleary.

Give Me Shelter is currently making it’s rounds on social media as well, and many animal rights groups and celebrities have given their seal of approval by backing the film as it continues to grow its audience before it’s premiere on Netflix.

Learn more about the film, visit the official website at www.Give-Me-Shelter.com or search “Give Me Shelter” on Netflix.

About “Give Me Shelter”:

“Give Me Shelter” is a film that strives to raise awareness about some of the most important animal welfare issues affecting our world today. The film stars Oscar Winner Ric O’Barry best know for his work on the film “The Cove”, Actress Tippi Hedren, Alison Eastwood, Esai Morales, Michael Vartan, Robert Davi and was produced by Katie Cleary and directed by Kristin Rizzo. “Give Me Shelter’ can be viewed on Amazon, Barnes And Noble, Netflix, Vudu, CinemaNow and iTunes Movies.

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