Positek’s Online Guide On Rotary Position Sensors Proves Highly Useful To Customers

Positek Limited not only makes sure that its products adhere to (and go beyond) customers’ expectations. This leading manufacturer of transducers and sensors has now come up with a handy and convenient guide to its different products, which includes a detailed guide on rotary position sensors for customers who have any questions.

Customers who have been using rotary potentiometers but who want something with better performance will be glad to make use of Positek’s own rotary position sensors, which are undoubtedly one of the best sensors in the industry today. The rotary position sensors produced by Positek are highly suitable for different applications, particularly when it comes to industrial environments, and they provide high-precision measurement of angles and come with other benefits as well.

For customers who are looking for rotary position sensors, Positek does not disappoint. It offers an extensive explanation on the many different uses and functionalities of its rotary position sensors which can benefit clients who have particular questions. In fact, Positek has even come up with a detailed guide on rotary position sensors, which can be readily viewed on its website’s rotary position sensor page.

The guide created by Positek on rotary position sensors highlights the various uses of the sensor as well as the angles which can be measured by the sensor. As Positek states, “A rotary position transducer functions with better precision and longer life when designed with patented, inductive sensor innovation. This device provides incredibly precise angle measurement even when used in hazardous conditions. To measure the object’s angle and position, the moving object is attached to a sliding element of a rotary potentiometer. As the object moves, the situation of the slider attached on the sensor likewise transforms so that the resistance between the settled point and the slider changes. In this way, the adjustment in voltage corresponds to the adjustment in the displacement of the object.”

According to Positek, the sensor can be used for a wide range of applications that indicate or detect position, such as the position of a car, the position of equipment, the position of throttles, the position of steering wheels, the position of pedals, and more. The sensor can also be used for damper, valve, and industrial controls. There’s more good news: Positek is able to customise rotary position sensors and other sensors according to its clients’ exact requirements.

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Positek Limited produces some of the most advanced and reliable selections of transducers and sensors around. The company offers a broad selection of linear position sensors, rotary position sensors, intrinsically safe sensors, custom-made position sensors, and more. To browse through its rotary position sensor selection, visit the site.

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