Portuguese Superstar Cory Machado Honors Lost Loved Ones.

The Portuguese are known to be great at Soccer. Now they are taking over Pro Wrestling. Cory Machado very inspiring Portuguese superstar, whose mission is to end hunger in the world.

Its great I get to honor my great-grandfather, my family, Ashley Carlson, Alyssa Byrne & Ashley Donohoe. They will live forever through my wrestling. They all wanted to help people. So I am ending hunger feeding everyone. Taking care of the planet, the world & the people. I do this in their name so I can help fulfill their dreams of helping others. 

Some of my upcoming appearances will be May 8th at the Sacramento River Cats Game, May 19th NPWL, May 25th LA Galaxy game, June 30th NPWL & Sept 21st Portuguese night with the Oakland A’s.

I’m also really excited about a partnership with Kings Coast Coffee, I will be coming out with a new coffee product. Each bag of coffee purchased will benefit fighting hunger. How I came up with this, very simple really I love Coffee & I love helping others. I get my coffee at Starbucks most days but it gets really expensive. I wanted to fix this issue for myself and then I had a lightbulb moment just like in the cartoons. Hey wait a second I can make some really great coffee by partnering with an amazing company & each coffee bag purchase will benefit a great cause which happens to be a massive challenge in the world. So basically solving a problem. I love coffee a lot of people love coffee. I figure let’s do good instead of a massive organization just profiting on overpriced coffee let’s do something good for the consumers, the world, and everybody. So that is what we are doing currently, developing a coffee to fight hunger.

My name is Cory Machado my goal is to end hunger.

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