Popular Venezuelan Entrepreneur Considering Expanding to US

José Dionicio Pirela Moran speaks to media outlets about his business strategy to retain customers.
By: Nory Rodriguez

Entrepreneurs Latin American are storming Miami as they rush to take advantage of the mass migration of its middle and upper class. According to Pew Hispanic Center more than 63% of immigrants arriving to Miami are well-educated high earners in Latin America.

Experts believe that the political instability of countries like Venezuela is fueling the migration of the higher class. Businesses who cater to them are following them to South Florida.

Such is the case entrepreneur José Dionicio Pirela Moran one of Venezuela’s top entrepreneurs.

Pirela Moran is owner of several businesses ranging from clothing lines to manufacturing. Along with his wife Lucia, Pirela Moran is exploring business partnerships in the United States to expand their operations.

“In Latin America we are loosing our top clients not to the competition but rather to migration, so we have to follow them and explore opportunities to continue serving them,” said Pirela Moran.

Pirela Moran manufactures textiles and clothing to top department store in Venezuela. In the last 2 years while he continues to be one of Venezuela’s top earners he has seen a steep reduction in demand. Annually he produces about $2 million but he says that much of that revenue is from binding contracts from companies that are paying but not demanding supply.

In the US several companies are looking for ways to keeping operations in the US while also taking advantage of affordable labor in Latin America. Pirela Moran believes he has the strategy to address both interests.

“My strategy is one based on low tariff trade with a guaranteed customer base which used to be in Venezuela and is now mostly in Miami”, explains Pirela Moran.

Many people are looking to see if Pirela Moran business model will work. Pirela Moran is winner of the prestigious B.O.D and Citi banks Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2016. He has been featured in top Venezuelan business magazines as an innovator and visionary for creating robust medium and large size business a midst political instability in Venezuela.

Many Venezuelans who own stores and restaurants in Miami know Pirela Moran and welcome his help in finding ways to leverage the resources from Venezuela.

“Jose knows how the market works and he is a visionary,” says Gloria Ordaz owner of Arepazo II one of the most popular Venezuelan restaurants in Miami.

Pirela Moran hopes to publish his findings and offer guidance to other Venezuelan entrepreneurs seeking to follow their clients to Miami.

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