Popular Summertime Cosmetic Procedures

With summer around the corner we all want to look our best, Dr Rosen voted Connecticut’s best plastic surgeon 2011-2014 discusses popular cosmetic procedures with little downtime that can have you looking your best.

The seasons come and go every year, and the frequency of the different plastic surgery procedures being performed changes as well. Spring time is when lighter clothes are being worn and patients want to improve the look of their bodies for summer time and bathing suits. Those patients who just could not find the time to have those procedures performed in spring, will set aside time to have them done near the end of summer. This way they still enjoy the warmer weather but can get the look they want for the future. A lot of businesses get slower in summer allowing more time off for their employees. 

Shorter down times for facial procedures becomes desired by patients so that summer time fun is not missed. So the frequency of Botox, and fillers being the procedures of choice goes up. Having these procedures performed before all the effects wear off from the last injections is ideal so it looks like no procedure has been done.

Laser procedures, hair removal procedures typically decrease in frequency due to the tan people may obtain. Tan skin makes the procedures either less effective or more risky.

Students, teachers and others who have more time available to them in summer will commonly have procedures performed. This provides for healing time without someone they know realizing that some procedure of change occurred. With more natural procedures being performed, a few weeks down time for swelling to disappear, and a change in hair style, and the appearance change will go unnoticed. So Facelifts, Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Rhinoplasty (nose job), will be performed more commonly during the summer time, especially in early August, so healing occurs before resuming school for example.

So in summary, procedures do not stop in summer, they vary based on patient to patient work schedules, school schedules, or when help at the house is available during the recovery period when indicated.

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