Popular Medieval Figures Immortalized on Playing Cards

Meticulously designed deck of Playing Cards inspired by an Epic Medieval War is now on Kickstarter!

Bicycle Hundred Years’ War Playing Cards has been released on Kickstarter. This custom deck of playing cards is based on a famous historical event of the same title, which waged between England and France 600 years ago. Hundred Years’ War is known as one of the longest wars in history and a century of conflicts left renowned war heroes such as Joan of Arc or La Hire with dramatic stories. Spaaaade&Co. immortalized the figures on the playing cards in the classic style of illustration through historic investigation and verification.

Each suit color in the deck represents each dynasty involved in the war—the Spades and the Clubs themes are French House of Valois, the Hearts and the Diamonds stand for Kingdom of England. (It is interesting because the four standard international symbols that are commonly-known derived from French decks but are better known in English names.)

Court Cards feature important figures of the war, which exemplify the uniqueness of the deck. Queen of Clubs, among others, is especially impressive—probably the most popular female character of Medieval History, Joan of Arc is the one. It is an excellent match given to that Joan has a symbolic position as a commoner heroine and the Clubs stand for peasants.

The case and back designs are accentuated by elegant details throughout with beautiful symbols and crowns of each dynasty and intricate borders, showing the concept of confrontation clearly. The case basically includes deep gold/silver foiling and embossing as a finish while most playing card campaigns on Kickstarter apply those high quality touches only in case they reach way higher stretch goals. On this account a price for a single deck is a little higher than normal decks though you can get the deck at an average price if you back for both gold and silver edition. 

This will be the first Kickstarter project of Spaaaade&Co.. The quality arts are created in collaboration with a talented ADC award winning illustrator, Hanuku. The cards will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC), producers of the popular Bicycle and Bee brand of playing cards.

The project will run until July 4th, 2014 and can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com

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