ASOX9, a leading male sexual health supplement, claims that it’s users are having success with the product. Chris Gordon, the product’s inventor, chief developer, and company face of ASOX9, had this to say.

“The two hardest parts about success with this product have been due to the nature of our customers, the men we serve. As guys, we like to keep certain things private. We don’t go around talking about our bedroom trouble, and it takes a lot of gut-check thinking and hard work for men to come around and talk about this stuff. That’s the first problem… The second problem is that the guys who do find us, and are happy to talk to us, prefer to keep their success stories private. I get a lot of email from men who tell me I’ve saved their marriages, but I’m not about to blast their names all over the internet. You can probably imagine that it makes putting my product out there pretty hard, because I want to protect the identities of the gentlemen who have trusted me to help them with their issue.”

Chris Gordon credits the success of his product to what he says are pure, potent ingredients that focus on solving male health issues at the cause.

“Everything we put in ASOX9 is there to improve male function, and a lot of it has larger health benefits as well. L-Arginine is probably one of my favorites. You can get it naturally in red meat and dairy, but not in a way that’s clean and easy in our modern American diet. That’s why it needs to be concentrated in the product. It’s an amino acid, which is a building block of protein. It turns into Nitric Oxide in your body, which increases blood flow, and naturally releases growth hormone. It’s a natural answer to the biggest problem with male performance- Getting the blood where it needs to go.”

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