Pocket Bike Juice is the World’s Smallest Electric Bike Kit

Weighing in at under a pound PBJ is the smallest and lightest electric bike conversion system in the world. It is also one of the least expensive. It boasts a powerful 24 volt li-ion battery design using a proprietary battery management system to redefine efficiency as bikers climb up to 5 miles of hills and trails. Unlike high-speed kits, Pocket Bike Juice keeps one’s bike within its limits. Biker is always in control with a squeeze of his hand on the pressure switch. PBJ is taking bikes beyond.

Leed Bicycle Solutions, LLC located in Mountain Green, Utah has developed the most impressively simple electric bike conversion kit to date. It is lightweight, legal, simple, safe, and fast. Leed, which stands for Latest Energy Efficient Designs specializes in electric bike conversion kits that install in under five minutes. They offer lithium batteries that can take you 5-50 miles. Their electric bike kits can be found at http://www.e-bikerig.com/

Pocket Bike Juice can be found as a kickstarter project at Kickstarter.com. Leed is looking to raise funds to turn the prototype into a reality. Many modern electric bikes require the battery to remain with the bike. Leed recognized the futility in a battery system that is not as mobile as the user. PBJ allows seniors to ride like kids again, commuters to arrive free of sweat, wounded warriors to ride with freedom, moms to pull kid trailers up any hill, and all of them to again experience their bicycles with an ease of effort. To charge the battery, all a biker needs to do is simply unplug and take anywhere he goes hands free in his pocket. It is the size of a cell phone.

Founded in a garage in 2012 and now located in what use to be Browning Firearm’s archery plant, Leed has sought to change our relationship with the bicycle and alter the commuting experience. They are true to their name with the latest design that has the ability to decrease pollution and improve everyone’s way of living. Remove the front wheel and replace with theirs. Plug in PBJ and ride like a kid again. It really is that simple.

Leed can be contacted by phone at 866-933-8716 or by email sales@e-bikerig.com

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Phone: 866-933-8716
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