Gen Dietzel is the music coming out of the bedrooms of America. Raw, raucous and bold, something unsettling lurks in the corners of Gen’s sound. It’s only when the thrashing guitars and cymbals take over that you realise it’s you. Gen Dietzel waxes lyrical on the injustice, absurdity and hypocrisy that she finds around her, dissecting day-to-day life with a surgeon’s precision and tackling head-on the very notions that society builds itself around. Her latest EP, ‘The Humanity’, is the musical execution of a love for loudness and a loathing for the meaningless actions of meaningless people

In opening track ‘Liberty’, Gen reels off a list of juxtapositions that she sees in 2018 America: ‘divided by community’ or ‘humans without humanity’ say more than chapters of textbooks and theory can do. It’s refreshing to hear a young woman taking to heavy, grungy alternative rock with such enthusiasm: by the end of the song, snares strike in marching band accuracy, guitars pierce through the void and Gen truly lets her hair down. 

‘Don’t Call Me Pretty’ is a backlash against forced normalisation and the worship of the superficial, a rocking boat that pulses and convulses with the ferocity of angst and disillusionment. 

‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ takes more cues from ballad pop darlings like Adele or Coldplay than the rest of the hard-hitting alternative rock that characterises the rest of the EP. As haunting, evocative piano seeps through the speakers, lines like ‘now I’m stuck / all caught up on a broken love’ hit home with echoes that fade into the ether of a wasted love. 

‘The Humanity’ is out now on all major platforms. Check out Gen’s website to keep up to date with new music, announcements and live shows.

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