Please do not forget to maintain your hair that has been permed already!

Many MM like their to perm their hair into rolls shape as the curlers ling could better show other people that they seem youthful and lively. However, if the times for perming are too many, it will affect the hair quality and then cause into the hair turning yellow. In that case, the hair caring is so important. That is why we suggest you adopting the hair weave to changing the hair style. No matter what, we will introduce with you which factors you should take into consideration during hair perm and after hair perm.

First, please use the high quality perm water

During the perm process, please use the high end perm water. Otherwise, the bad quality water will cause into very greatly damage to hair quality. Please remember this strictly.

Second, hair washing after perm need to be helped by the special perm hair shampoo

Among the shampoo in today’s market, there are special types of permed hair shampoo. For those people whose hairs have been permed, the best choice is the special hair shampoo. This kind of shampoo could be easily purchased in the super market.

Third, please use the specific curls hair conditioner

After shampoo washing, please do not forget the using of the curls hair conditioner. This could be also easily purchased from the local market near your house.

Fourth, using elastin shampoo

After dry your hair, please use the hair elastin. The only thing you should remember is that you should totally clean your hair without more dirties.

Fifth, use essential oils

After hair is totally dry, some hair oil is also very necessary. It does not need too much and the appropriately is enough.

After reading all factors above, you should have the feeling that the maintenance for the permed hair is so complicated. If you are in this mood, please do not forget our high quality best hair extensions to buy which could help you get any kinds of hair styles you want.

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