Please do not choose the low quality lanyards as they will do greatly damage to your health

If you do not care about the bad quality lanyards with your body every day, you will be harmed by this “Super carcinogen”. Is this means let you become amazing? We not lie to you as this is the true situation.

Now, the phone becomes more and more personalized. On the other hand with the development trend of the high-end mobile phones, most people will install the related lanyards on their phone. This lanyard could not only help to take more decorated objects but also could better cause the cosmetically effect. However, people usually forget that the lanyards are always made by the chemical materials and the low quality products which made by the low level materials will easily damage the human healthy.

The low quality lanyards will usually contains the horrible chemical substance which is benzene. As we all know, the benzene is one of the powerful carcinogen substance. The benzene will directly enter into the people’s body by their daily breathing. As the increasing of the outside environment temperature, this substance will easily be released.That is why the famous neck lanyard online seller recommend with people choose their high quality lanyards.

According to market research, most of those low quality personalized lanyards never use their own badly lanyards as they deeply know the harm of those things. If you put some insects near the lanyards in the high temperature summer days, they will find that those insects will be easily killed. We can imagine how awful of this thing.

Now, please do not choose the low quality lanyard and please choose the high quality one from us.

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