Plastic Surgeon Dr. Greg Pisarski Kicks Off “BREAST SUMMER YET” Campaign!

Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast reduction

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Lake Jackson and Pearland Texas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gregory Pisarski kicks off a special summer promotion for women seeking to improve or enhance their personal appearance by way of getting a Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift or Breast Reduction.

Summertime is such a great time of year, while many families are already taking extra time off for special activities and to spend more time with their families. This is the time of year when many women take advantage of the opportunity, while they usually have time off from work and more family support available, to consider some type of plastic surgery procedure.

Expert Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gregory Pisarski  of Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery who has offices in the Lake Jackson and Pearland Texas areas is reaching out to women who may be thinking about what type of breast procedure would be best for them. Dr. Pisarski is providing a helpful, educational resource to help women feel confident in the process of making this very important decision.


1. Breast Augmentation does not change a woman’s basic anatomy – for example, the space between a woman’s breasts or the outer appearance of a woman’s skin color or type, etc. While breast augmentation or enhancement makes the breasts larger and fuller, it still needs to provide an aesthetically appealing and appropriate appearance based partly on a woman’s body shape and bone structure.

2. Breast Implants are not lifetime devices and in many cases may need replacement or removal in future years. The human body itself as well as a woman’s natural breast tissue ages with time although breast implants do not. As a woman’s skin loses elasticity, the breast will naturally begin to sag. Many women who have had implants placed in their 20’s chose to undergo a second procedure in their 40’s. This could include removing the implants, undergoing a breast lift or exchanging them out for a larger or smaller implant.

3. Bigger is not always better! A good breast augmentation result is about matching the woman’s breasts to the rest of their physique. Picking too large a size of breast implants can make exercise very difficult. Breast implants add weight to the upper body, so issues of shoulder and back pain may become a challenging issue. In addition, the larger a woman’s breast, the larger the clothing size she would require. Having very large breasts can limit a woman’s clothing choices, for example, button down blouses may gap, etc.

4. Women are happiest with their results when the decision to have the procedure comes from themselves and not for the sole purpose of pleasing someone else. It is extremely important to make the decision of whether or not to have breast surgery and what type of surgery to consider based on what each woman’s particular and personal preference and desire is.

5. A little research goes a long way! Women should always make certain to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon, understand the many options available, ask to see previous work from before and after photos and use the time during the consultation with their surgeon to be certain expectations are clear and well matched with the plastic surgeon’s goals and their own personal goals.              

Dr. Gregory Pisarski is a Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with years of experience delivering natural looking and exquisite results and is deeply committed to each patient’s comfort and overall well-being. Dr. Pisarski’s “Whole-Patient” philosophy provides the highest level of medical care in an ethical and confidential manner and is his top priority for all patients who seek his services.

Dr. Pisarski of Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery has locations in Lake Jackson and Pearland Texas:

Lake Jackson Office:
504 This Way, Suite C
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
(Intersection of Abner Way and This Way)
Phone: 979.297.9289 Fax: 979.299.1007

Pearland Office:
10905 Memorial Hermann Dr., Suite 207
Pearland, TX 77584
(Near 518 and 288 behind the H-E-B)
Phone: 281.598.6808

For More Information see Dr. Pisarski’s Website at, or find him on Facebook at

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