Plagold unveils the fastest premium microSD card

Plagold, a brand of cellphone and camera accessories, centered on delivering reliable and high quality products, has launched their Micro SD Card 32 GB Class 10 Ultra-High Speed (UHS-I). The company claims that their micro SD card is among the fastest Micro SD cards available in the market. The Plagold Micro SD Card 32 GB Class 10 is available on Plagold store for $19.99 USD.

According to the product description for the Plagold Micro SD Card, the features include:

• Fast Transfer Rate: Up to 80MB/s Read speed and Write speed of up to 20MB/s.

• It does not corrupt or delete files.

• High-capacity Controller: It supports all devices with Micro SD and SDHC compliant devices.

• Backward compliance allows user to use the SD card on all old devices also.

• Premium memory cards are Plagold flagship product and it is what they produce best.

The company has focused on creating an SD card that is reliable and puts the user’s mind at ease about their data stored in the micro SD card. Generally the most common issue users report having with their micro SD card is the mysterious loss of data. Important files and cherished memories are usually lost because cheap Micro SD cards purge data without caution and without the consent or the knowledge of the user. This results in millions of disgruntled and unsatisfied Micro SD users, however Plagold seeks to change all this through their fastest premium micro SD card. The Micro SDHC card is suitable for Mp3 and Mp4 players, mobile phones, android phones, digital cameras, GoPro, tablet PCs, GPS for storing pictures, songs, games, documents and many more.

The Plagold micro SD card is pre-formatted and ready to use out of its packaging and supports Windows, Mac OS, Android, cell phones and smart phones. The company claim that their Micro SD card is faster than generic SD cards due speeds to up to 80MB/Sec performance guarantee quick file transfer, full HD video recording, and high resolution pictures to capture your most cherished moments, mobile gaming, and music. To back this claim the company offers a “1 year warranty, buy with absolutely no risk” warranty. Plagold micro SD card 32GB class 10 is Water Proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray Proof, and Magnetic Proof.

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Plaglod is a brand of cellphone and camera accessories, centered on delivering reliable and high quality products. The company is based in Houston, Texas.

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