Pioneering Breakthrough in Screen-Free, Best Wearable Tech! Now control calls, music, home appliances and more with the Rilove Smart Ring!

A bunch of Chinese students and teachers, from Nanjing University of Arts have taken technology to the next level. They have made a first-of-its-kind technological breakthrough in the field of screen-free, wearable smart devices. It is a revolutionary product called the Rilove Smart Ring. It also doubles up as a bold and fashionable chunky finger ring. Yet it has a subtle undertone to it, due to its understated, unisex and pastel pink color options.

Almost the whole world today has beenswept under the wave of smart phones. Most smart phones have cameras, music, and a variety of apps etc. But when one is travelling or engaged in strenuous physical activity like cycling or jogging or working in a factory, it is too cumbersome to afford, the visual distraction of checking phone screens for alerts, updates, or skipping to a favorite song from a playlist etc. The screen-free Rilove SmartRing eradicates all of these inconveniences.

This device can be worn on your finger as a ring. You can control your mobile features with it. Once connected to the phone, thering vibrates when you receive a call. So you don’t have to miss a call ever, even in the middle of a deafeningly loud musical concert. You can skip to your favorite music from your playlist, with a small gesture or button, without having to interrupt your workout session. You can even click pictures with the ring,even with your hands in your pocket and a candid body pose and facial expression. Not just this, you can also use it to control your electrical appliances. The icing on the cake is that it makes your tasks easy and convenient and looks like a trendy accessory!

The initial public reaction has been filled with rave reviews. People are going gaga over it. One user wants to get a Rilove ring for his wife, who is visually impaired. He believes that Rilove’s screen-free functionality can help her skip songs, increase volume, and take calls or pictures without having a Braille display attached to her phone. In the absence of Rilove, she is forced keep her phone and Braille display handy to use any function on her touch phone whatsoever. But Rilove can help her set the phone once, and perform basic touch phone functions, in future without any physical intervention. Yet other backers said they’d rather tuck into bed and sleep with this smart ring, the best wearable tech ever, and use it as a remote for home appliances, than get up and stumble over, trying to turn off their night lights.

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Rilove, the brainchild of Minds wear, the group that manifested this product, are steadily making technological headway in developing more features into this ring like controlling smart furniture. They might even explore opening car doors etc, as the product gains market–popularity, and they raise more funds to make further technological inroads with this product.

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Tier 1 and Tier 2 early bird backers of this project, can get the ring for as low as $15 and $25 respectively. Once the Tier 1 and Tier 2 rings are claimed, the remaining backers will receive the ring at a standardrate of $69 per ring.


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