Pin-Up Girls: An Initiative by a Woman for the Women

An Inspiring Initiative by an Australian Woman, Caitlin who is Creating a Pin-Up Book Filled with Women who are all Different Shapes, Sizes and Nationalities.

An Australian Woman, Caitlin has announced that she will be helping women from around the world to gain their self-confidence back by creating a pin-up book called ‘Pin-Up Girls.’ She is seeking support from around the world to complete this dream and she is using Kickstarter to back this project. Her goal is to raise $65,000 Australian Dollars through this Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund this amazing initiative and the campaign will be active till April, 19th 2017. Caitlin has experienced severe situations and she hopes that she will be able to help women and prevent them from experience the pain she has been through.

The book, Pin-Up Girls will feature women who are or have been bullied about their size, face, body, nationality, sexual orientations or their physical disabilities, etc. Such women lack self-confidence and Caitlin hopes to restore it through this amazing initiative. It will make them feel good about themselves and will spread a message of positivity and strength. The book is all about self-image and shaping thoughts to shape the life and future of those women who have been bullied. Such initiative has never been taken before and it will help the women not only from Australia but from around the world to be strong again.

Funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will help Caitlin to pay the professional photographers and makeup artists as well as space to hire along with the clothes, accessories and just general costs like equipment and travel, etc.

Generous contributors can back this project by accessing the following link:

About Pin-Up Girls

Pin-Up Girls is an initiative by a brave Australian woman, Caitlin who has made it her mission to support the women who have been bullied due to their appearance, shape, size, disabilities or any other issue they have been going through. The book will strengthen the women around the world and will give them a courage to stand up for their rights. The author is crowdfunding this campaign to turn this amazing project into reality and she is now seeking public support for this great initiative.

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Company Name: Pin-Up Girls
Contact Person: Caitlin Guthrie
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Phone: 0487408806
City: Burnie
Country: Australia