Pilot Labs Announces Moorebot – The world’s first expressive robot, personal assistant, camera and home security system, perfect for families, offices, businesses and retailers

Pilot Labs, a technology startup specializing in product design for connected home automation, today announced the Moorebot. Moorebot will be officially launched for purchase via IndieGoGo on August 9, 2016.

Moorebot is a very unique animated robot for homes, businesses and office use. It combines robotic technology and cloud intelligence with a unique “one eyed” camera design that can abstractly mimic human eye expressions. Like a living thing, it responds to its environment and even learns to respond to various spoken commands and instructions. Under lying the overall simplicity of the look is a sophisticated mechanical design with four high precision motors that control the movement of Moorebot’s head, eye lid and eye ball, enabling a wide range of fun and dynamic movement options. It dances, it sings, it can be happy, it can be sad.

Moorebot is designed to be cute and entertaining, to show emotions. By using the Moorebot app on a smart phone, users control the Moorebot and can get it to say or sing anything, adding yet another layer of customized personality. The Moorebot’s built in intelligence features include voice recognition, voice commands and biometric recognition.

Moorebot is secure. “Any IP based camera at home or business presents potential privacy risk,” stated Chris Thomas, Co-founder and Vice President at Pilot Labs. “Moorebot’s eyelib (the plastic lid over the eye) is intentionally designed to physically cover the camera while the robot isn’t being used. It is a perfect match between functional part and the character design.”

The Pilot Labs Moorebot runs on a quad ARM processor with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies including ZigBee and Wi-Fi that enables connectivity to other smart home devices like lights, games, entertainment systems, appliances, etc. The system’s open platform enables the addition of extra features and “smart home” applications.

The creator of Moorebot, Jun Ye, founder and CEO of Pilot Labs, started a semiconductor company named Symwave, Inc. and sold it in 2011. Then he started Pilot Labs, an IoT company in 2013. Pilot Labs operates from San Diego, CA and Shenzhen, China. He wants to include more culture and art content and present that via IoT technology. In 2016, he ran a tech event widely reported, called “2500 Moons of Yangzhou”, world first smart lighting project with visible light communication (VLC). His team made each moon (a huge LED light) to tell one story about Yangzhou, a city with long history in China. Now he and his team followed the same heart and are ready to release their first home product, a funny robot, Moorebot.

Starting August 9th, Pilot Labs’ Indiegogo campaign will run for forty-five days and delivery of production units is expected to happen in November of 2016.

Indiegogo backers will get a special discount offer on the first shipments of Moorebot.  The Indiegogo campaign can be found at: https://igg.me/at/moorebot/x/11618433

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