Physiotherapy & Physical Therapy in St Albert

There is no reason to continue living a life that is filled with pain. At Body Restorations you can start living the type of pain-free life you have only dreamed was possible.  The professional therapists at Body Restorations are aware of just how precious life is and how every second you spend having to deal with chronic pain is another second of life that has been wasted.

It all began in 1992, when Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy first became committed to the people of the St Albert and greater Edmonton areas. Their mission is to help chronic pain sufferers in their attempts to live a life that is not filled with constant pain. Body Restorations has continued that commitment and is helping patients learn how to live that dream and make it a reality.

 Physiotherapy & Physical Therapy in St Albert

Being in constant pain can have a lot of costly disadvantages. It not only lowers one’s ability to do a good job at work, but it also lowers a person’s self-esteem. This can create stress in a person’s relationships with the people they love. 

Body Restorations (  is aware of how damaging chronic pain is to every aspect of a person’s life; for this reason, the commitment that Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy made back in 1992 is a continued commitment that Body Restorations carries on.

A person can continue taking the pain pills prescribed to them on a daily basis; however, those pills are only masking the real pain. Pills cover up the pain until their effects wear off and the pain rears its ugly head once again.  The individualized physiotherapy your therapist plans for you at Body Restorations is a strategic plan that attacks the pain at the source. This allows the professional therapist to treat the pain in a manner that does not allow it to return.

Body Restorations will do an “Early Assessment” when you come in for physiotherapy; this allows therapists to identify the more complicated cases quickly and get started with treatment right away.  If you are feeling pain now, it is best that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Research has proven that people who seek treatment for their pain immediately have less of a chance of it becoming an issue later own.  Early intervention is always the best option.

About Body Restorations:

The team of therapists here at Body Restorations consists of several professionals in the fields of physical and massage therapy, shockwave therapy, kinesiology as well as knee brace therapists.  Do not delay another moment. Give us a call today and schedule a no-obligation appointment to come in and meet the team. You can see what therapy options they have for you to get you on the right path and back on the move again! Body Restorations has already been able to assist more than 12,420 people feel less pain and find a way to recover and feel better. 

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