PhysiGoal, a New Premium Health and Fitness Brand, Commits to Giving Half of Its Profits to Charity

May 1st, 2018 – PhysiGoal, a new manufacturer of premium health and fitness training equipment, has outlined its commitment to maximizing social responsibility and wellbeing. The company has announced it will give 50% of its profits to charitable organizations helping youth to access health, education and sports setting a new standard for social investment in the industry.

PhysiGoal is launching its first product, the Posture Trainer, that helps the user correct their posture, providing back & neck support for slouching, pain relief and rehabilitation.

The first non-profit collaboration is with Kick4Life who support disadvantaged youth to obtain academic and sporting College Scholarships in the USA

PhysiGoal CEO Richard Spearman said, “We’re determined to create a purpose driven company that not only develops premium quality equipment, but also leaves a positive imprint on society. Giving 50% of PhysiGoal’s annual profits to charity is simply part of our company’s culture”.

Pete Fleming, Co-Founder of Kick4Life, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with this incredibly forward thinking and socially responsible company. The funds we receive from PhysiGoal’s generosity will go directly to supporting our health, education and sporting programs for disadvantage youth”.

PhysiGoal’s debut product, the Posture Trainer, is a brace, corrector and trainer that naturally improves posture and eliminates back and neck pain. Poor posture habits are common across the world, and the Posture Trainer is an easy to use, effective, solution to sit, stand and walk in the correct position. When worn, the clavicle brace pulls back the shoulders and straightens the upper back to correct hunched backs, crooked necks and slouching for a painless and natural stance. The product also creates long term muscle memory and can be used while working out.

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