Physics-based puzzle game, Hungry Pigs receives good response at Google Play

Hungry pig is the newly launched mobile game by Games Forest that has received great feedback from users on Google Play store. The app, available for free download at Google Play features a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and good reviews from many users.

The users need to feed candies to hungry pigs by solving the physics-based puzzles. They need to draw a line or path from the candy to pig so that the candy falls right into the mouth of the pig. The game features a number of levels, for example in the beginning levels the user will need to cut the rope by swiping on the screen to drop the candy into the pig’s mouth. In the next levels, the user will need to use the arrow buttons to move the candy, push the candy through the pump provided on the screen, cannon fire that moves the candy and many others.

Every level has something different to offer with new items and obstacles that require the user to think strategically and identify the path that would lead the candy into the pig’s mouth. The users will come across levels that feature slides to move the candy, wormholes that can enter and exit the candy, rotating planks, springs, magnet and many other obstacles. In some of the levels, the user can also find two pigs to feed.

There are three colors of candies available in the game, green, blue and red as well as 3 different posts with three different colors of the cap, green, blue and red. The players need to feed green candy to a pig with a green cap and so on. The player should prevent the candy from falling on the ground and do not feed a different colored candy to a different pig. The game features more than 300 exciting and challenging levels.

More information about the same can be found at Google Play store.

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