Phosphorus Trichloride Market to 2023: Key Findings, Regional Analysis, Key Players Profiles and Future Prospects

Phosphorus Trichloride Market
Phosphorus trichloride is a chemical compound consisting of phosphorus and chlorine. It is a white to light yellow in color with a pungent smell of hydrochloric acid. The product occurs in its pure natural form and can also be manufactured synthetically. It is primarily used in chemical synthesis of organophosphorus compounds and is a precursor to chemicals such as phosphorus pentachloride (PCl5), phosphoryl chloride (POCl3), and thiophosphoryl chloride (PSCl3).

Phosphorus Trichloride Market – Overview

The global phosphorus trichloride market is expected grow substantially and register a healthy CAGR over the forecast period. Some of the protuberant drivers and trends supporting the growth of global phosphorus trichloride market are identified as, growing demand of it in manufacturing, commodity chemicals and agrochemicals sectors. In addition to this, phosphorus trichloride is also used in water treatment processes as corrosion inhibitors, cleaners, anti-scaling agent and chelating agents.

Global Top 10 key players and their SWOT strategies

Xuzhou Jianping Chemical Co., Ltd (China), Parchem fine & specialty chemicals (New York), Thermo Fisher Scientific (the U.S.), Monsanto  Company (the U.S.), Alfa Aesar, Solvay (Belgium), Merck KGaA (Germany), SANDHYA GROUP (India), LAXNESS (Germany), ICL (Israel), PCC Rokita (Poland), SANDHYA GROUP (India), and among others are some of the main market players who are in competition in the phosphorus trichloride market and are profiled in MRFR Analysis.

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Uses of Phosphorous:

White and red are the two form of phosphorus used commercially. The white phosphorus is commonly used in most of the commercial application and accounted for 99% of the total demand across the world. Based on the application, phosphorus is most commonly used to make phosphoric acid which can be used for etching semi-conductors and food processing. Other than phosphoric acids, phosphoric trichloride,accounted for 18% market share of elemental phosphorus. Thus, based on volume,700000 tons of phosphorus trichloride manufactures every year by direct reaction of chlorine and phosphorous. Phosphorous trichloride is highly reactive at atmospheric and moisture conditions is the reason it is  transported in nickel, glass lined or lead lined vessels. In chemical manufacturing, the phosphorus trichloride is used to manufacture phosphorus oxychloride, phosphorous acid, additives for the paints, lubrication oils, plastics, phosphorus pentachloride and trialkyl phosphites among others. Trimalkyl phosphite is one of the important example which is used to make organophosphorus. These orthophosphorous are used as agro chemicals mith major role as herbicides, pesticides and retardants for flame.

Regional Analysis

Geographically, the phosphorus trichloride (PCl3) market is segmented into five regions Middle East & Africa (MEA), Latin America (LA), Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) and North America, Europe. The Asia Pacific is the largest consumer of phosphorus trichloride market across the globe due to heavy demand of it from agrochemicals and chemical intermediate sectors. In agriochemical sector, use of phosphorus trichloride in the manufacturing of fertilizers as a pesticide or insecticide is one of the main driver in Asia Pacfic. With the growing population in the region, there is increasing demand for better crop productivity which is expected to propel the growth of the market growth. North America accounted for second largest market share of global ohosphorous trichloride market. The North American demand is mainly driven by growing demand of it in intermediate chemical industries along with favoring governments investment policy on chemical sector. U.S. is the leader in the region and accounted for second largest market share across the world. 

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Threat of New Entrants 

Based on present and past global phosphorus trichloride market trend, the target market is estimated to have medium threat of new entrants, owing to the high capital intensive nature of the industry. However, over the forecast period the demand for phosphorus trichloride is expected to grow significantly in agrochemical segment, owing to growing contribution of agriculture to the GDP of emerging economies. Thus, in future, there is a possibility that new entrants may enter into the phosphorus trichloride market looking at the foreseen demand from latter industry.


Some of the key players identified in the global phosphorus trichloride market are Solvay (Belgium), Merck KGaA (Germany) and LAXNESS (Germany) among others. All of these companies are multinational corporations producing phosphorus trichloride. Their revenues from end user industry are an important part of their total sales, especially for Solvay (Belgium) and Merck KGaA (Germany). These companies serve the global phosphorus trichloride market and also commercialize their different brands. These companies wide product range and the excellent quality of product allows them to supply customers in agrochemicals, chemical intermediate, plasticizer, pharmaceuticals and gasoline additive among others. One of the main challenge for these companies are to extend the range of applicability of phosphorus trichloride to challenging sectors.


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