PeerAtlas Deploys Blockchain to Erase World Barriers to Medical Treatment

MALTA – PeerAtlas and ATLAS entered the world of NEO with a bang last fall and is ready to deploy its smart contract on the NEO blockchain on May 14 to offer an ATLAS crowdsale.

When a United States-trained medical doctor felt that hiding the information used to treat patients behind a subscription paywall was ethically unacceptable, in 2011, Dr. Brad Mattson started coding PeerAtlas from scratch. PeerAtlas is an open-source medical encyclopedia designed to spread the gold standard of medical information for free, across the Internet, far beyond the walls that restrict its growth today.

The ATLAS token is rare in blockchain that it works to solve a problem with quality of treatment, and not financial relationships. But as an NEP-5 token on NEO, ATLAS transacts quickly, smoothly, and without wasting fees or resources.

The ATLAS token will work in the PeerAtlas and the NEO ecosystem: as a way to process the CME credits that doctors earn by using PeerAtlas, as a tipping mechanism to reward content creators, and also as a method to bring other medical blockchain projects into the Atlas Health Network, a medical ecosystem of blockchain projects founded by other healthcare professionals.

Who is PeerAtlas?

Dr. Brad Mattson, M.D. is a Board-certified radiologist in his final year of medical training. Dr. Mattson began coding the PeerAtlas platform in 2011.

Dr. Colin Closser, M.D. assisted with the project. Dr. Closser is a true believer in the abilities of the NEO blockchain and will travel to India to assist the development of the PeerAtlas platform.

Dr. Ling Wu, Ph.D. assisted with the project. Her doctorate in the area of biophysical chemistry was earned from University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.

Advisor Vivek Mittal provides technical insight.

CTO Joel Garcia (AllCode CEO/CTO) has past experience with NEP-5 ICOs on NEO.

PeerAtlas Roadmap:

Demo/MVP – currently available

Beta/Mobile Beta – Summer 2018

More information about this project can be seen at

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