PEEKSOUND changing the industry with independent artist community

Music and video distribution company, PeekSound, aims to help unsigned artists and independent labels get the best from their ingenuity with unique services

PeekSound is an online platform a growing community of independent artists and labels primarily designed to ensure that members of the community are duly rewarded for their creativity and ingenuity, allowing them to sell their music on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Vevo and other such digital platforms.

The entertainment industry has grown over the years, with the music sector contributing significantly to the growth. The growth in the music industry has not necessarily been evenly spread, with independent artists and labels getting little or no appreciation for their efforts. This is particularly due to the fact that artists signed on to big record labels and management companies do not only get the required exposure but are also handsomely rewarded and consequently overshadowing the efforts of independent artists. This is where PeekSound is looking to make a huge difference in the industry.

PeekSound is providing creative minds the exposure they need to reach their audience across the globe, without having to break the bank, with the company’s unlimited music distribution service starting at as low as $14.99 per year.

PeekSound allows independent artists to achieve their dreams of not only making money from their works but actually becoming that international star they have always wanted to be, allowing them to keep the entirety of their sales revenue, while also growing their fan base.

Some of the unique features of the services are briefly highlighted as follows:

• unlimited music and video submission

• 100% royalty

• Over 150 digital outlets

• More than 150 countries across the globe

• Unlimited music distribution for only $14.99/year

• Unlimited music and videos distribution for $39.99/year

• Monetization of YouTube, SoundCloud, and other digital platforms

More information about PeekSound and the services offered can be found on the website. PeekSound is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About PeekSound

PeekSound is a platform particularly designed to help independent artists and labels by giving them the opportunity to reach their target audience across the globe, while also ensuring that they get paid what they deserve in terms of royalties and revenue from the sales of their works.

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