PDF Link Editor, simple software that increases productivity when working with PDF files launched

Comes with incredible features and available for free download

China – PDF is one of the most powerful document management tools people use today. But there is a problem; users find it hard to edit PDF hyperlinks using Adobe. PDF Link Editor would like to announce their free software which allows users to edit PDF files in batch without stress. The all-in-one application that can be used to edit, replace, clear and extract links in one PDF document, with just one click. The software is stand alone, which means users don’t need to have any Adobe software or plugin on their computer to work with it. What an excellent tool for anyone who works with PDF documents to increase their productivity more than ten times over.

For more information or to download the program, please visit www.pdflinkeditor.com

“Editing PDF links can be a pain for most people. If you work with documents, you know how hard it is to get stuff done. We looked into this problem and decided to create a program that will help solve it once and for all. The result is our free software which is made available for everyone on our website. PDF Link Editor is one of the most powerful productivity tools anyone can ever have right now. No more spending productive hours trying to edit PDF links – now you do it in batches, and you do it fast and easy,” said Shane Steven, a representative of PDF Link Editor.

How PDF Link Editor Works

Using PDF link editor is very easy. After downloading it – it’s only 6.8MB so won’t take much space – users can add their PDF file. The tool will display all the links in the PDF file, so no need for the tedious process of searching links one by one. The links can then be managed intuitively. Just select desired link, enter the new link and it’s done.

The tool can also be used to clear or extract all the hyperlinks in a PDF, at a go. After adding the PDF file, just click on “clear links” or “extract links” and you’re done.

Additional Features

  • Install and use the software without need for any Adobe software or plugin
  • Performs all processes easy and fast
  • Built-in PDF viewer with zoom in and zoom out
  • Works on desktops, laptops, and tablets based on Windows OS
  • Export edited document in original folder or customized folder
  • Supports multiple languages including English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish

“This software just literally saved my life. I work with PDF files all the times and I can tell you, editing links is the last thing you want to do. Thanks for this amazing software. I feel like it was made just for me,” said Brain L, a user.

About PDF Link Editor

PDF Link Editor is a creative application that helps boost productivity when working with PDF files and the URLs embedded in it. The program is designed and developed by a group of young software engineers under the leadership of Steven. The company hopes to bring convenience to the lives of everyone through innovative technology.

For more information, please contact 15397504838, support@pdflinkeditor.com, or visit www.pdflinkeditor.com.  

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