Paw Bundle™ Announces the Winners of Their Pre-Release Bundle Contest!

Paw Bundle™ Announces the Winners of Their Pre-Release Bundle Contest!

Instagram Contest Winners!!!

Denver, CO – Join us in congratulating the winners of the FIRST monthly supplement box for dogs… Paw Bundle™. 

Check out the winners @pawbundle on Instagram!

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Each winner will receive:

1 – 30 day supply of our proprietary Bundle Bites™ Antioxidants Formula to help promote anti-cancer activities and combat against environmental pollutants.

1 – 30 day supply of Bundle Bites™ Hip and Joint formula packed with high quality all natural glucosamine and chondroitin or our Bundle Bites™ Skin And Coat formula  loaded with Omegas and Biotin depending on your dog’s need and age.

1 – 30 day supply of shelf stable human grade probiotics to help support normal GI function.

1 dog toothbrush per month to keep tartar from building up, as it has been linked to gum, kidney, and heart disease.

2-3 High quality extremely fun toys.

We are so proud of the dog parents who entered! The fact is we are on a mission! An unacceptable 25% of dogs will get cancer and 6,000,000 dogs get diagnosed each year!  There are so many carcinogens that your dog is exposed to, from lawn chemicals to ingredients in some mainstream kibble brands … it’s scary!

Paw Bundle™ was created to help dogs combat these real issues they face every day! What’s included is an extremely powerful and all natural proprietary antioxidant formula with no meat or by-products, as well as age based support for healthy skin and coat or hip and joint function. Also packed in the bundle is a digestive support supplement, a doggy toothbrush, and a couple extremely fun toys!

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