Paul M. Ayling Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund His Antstand Portable Bamboo Laptop Stand Project

Paul M Ayling takes to Kickstarter for funding the production of Antstand, the most portable bamboo laptop stand in the world.

Paul M. Ayling, a Kew, AU resident and a compulsive laptop user, has announced the launch of a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for his Antstand project. Antstand is the most portable bamboo laptop stand in the world designed to improve productivity while ensuring that the user enjoys a high level of comfort regardless of where they are using their laptop.

“The need to develop a portable laptop stand came from my own painful experiences,” says Paul Ayling. “Wrong posture and resultant strain can result in chronic pain and even permanent damage to the nerves and muscles on the neck and shoulders. The creatively designed Antstand can reduce strain as it raises your screen height, allows you to work in a more upright position and thus reduces strain on the shoulders and neck.”

The Antstand is designed to raise the height of the laptop screen by 8 inches, making it extremely easy and comfortable for users to do their work. The slim and lightweight Antstand has a patent-pending design. Users can take their office with them when they choose Antstand portable bamboo laptop stand which is made of eco-friendly and hard wearing bamboo ply. An Antband in silicon rubber is included in the package. It is called Antstand as the laptop stand is constructed to strong but is small in size like an ant.

Another key feature of Antstand is that the design allows little contact between the user and the laptop and offers a simple yet effective way of keeping laptops cool. It is compatible with all Apple laptops of 11-15 inches and also with almost all modern Windows and Linux laptops with a flat base and a thickness of less than 0.75 inches.

Paul also has arrangements in place to do custom branding of the laptop stand according to the needs of clients. They just have to send their logo or design to the designers and get Antstand with their own favorite branding or design. The logo will be etched into the bamboo on the front rectangle of the stand.

Paul also offers a Bluetooth keyboard combo perk along with the portable bamboo laptop stand. It offers a great way of improving comfort and productivity. The keyboard has looks and features similar to that of the Version 2 Apple wireless keyboard and comes with scissor action keys, top silver aluminum and tough white plastic bottom. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

According to Paul, the Kickstarter campaign will aim to raise AU$ 20,000. The project will be funded if it reaches its goal by 20 October, 2017.

About Antstand:

Antstand is the world’s most portable bamboo laptop stand designed and developed by Paul M. Ayling. Most laptop users suffer from chronic pain and strain on their neck and shoulders as they are forced into incorrect posture because of the way the laptop is placed. The Antstand is designed to raise the height of the screen by eight inches and allows users into a more upright position. The design is slim and lightweight and hence makes it easy for users to carry it anywhere.

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