Paul Chehade – To resolve the problem of illegal immigration, we must know the origin of the causes

Paul Chehade, candidate for President of the United States of America in 2016.
Paul Chehade is dedicated to serve the less fortunate around the world, with no distinction of race, ethnic group religion or gender.
More than 11 million unauthorized immigrants living and working in our country. The legal immigration system is inadequate to meet the needs of the U.S. in the 21 st century. Paul Chehade.

We are a nation that has always drawn much of its strength from having people come here and add to the energy and prosperity of the country. The immigrants who have chosen to make the difficult and challenging choice to move to America have often been some of the most productive citizens of the countries they left behind.

People emigrate from one country to another for a variety of complex reasons. Some are forced to move, due to conflict or to escape persecution and prejudices, while others may voluntarily emigrate. Although such a move may be necessary, it can be quite traumatic on top of the challenges experienced so far.

More than 11 million unauthorized immigrants living and working in our country. The legal immigration system is inadequate to meet the needs of the U.S. in the 21 st century.

We cannot deport millions of people, most of whom are hardworking and living quiet, orderly lives. We need to deal in a humane and reasonable way with the millions of people who are already here illegally. If they have acted inappropriately while here, then we should send them back to their native lands, but obviously that would be a small number of people.

Insufficient number of visas are made available to bring to workers.
Family members who are eligible for visas must wait up to 20 years.
Wage and workplace violations by unscrupulous employers who exploit immigrants workers. Inadequate government infrastructure is delaying the integration of immigrants who want to become U.S. citizens.

An “illegal immigration crisis” can mean only two things: Either unenforceable laws were passed, or enforcement of reasonable laws has been abandoned.

The solution to the situation we have, is legalize the million undocumented Immigrants and requiring the unauthorized immigrants residing in the U.S. to register with the government and meet eligibility criteria in order to gain legal status.

Some of the benefits:

• Bringing these hard-working immigrants off the economic sidelines would generate tax revenue in just the next three years.

• Registering these immigrants with background checks would ensure that we know who is here and will enable our authorities to focus enforcement resources on criminal elements and security threats instead of hard-working family members.

• Bringing these immigrants out of the shadows would strike a blow to unscrupulous employers who mistreat their employees (immigrant and native-born alike) and help ensure worker safety for all.

• Enabling immigrants to earn legal status and to openly participate in civic life will strengthen our communities and reduce marginalization and exploitation.

In other words, virtually everyone except exploitive employers and criminals are better off by enabling these immigrants to work above board and pay their full taxes.

It is time to push aside those in the political arena who wish to use immigration primarily as an election tool and do not seek or tolerate rational action. It is time to move forward with a policy that will make us more competitive, add to our economy and our culture and continue to lift our nation and give us the unique strength that comes from being a country built on the character of the people who immigrate here.

God Bless America.

Paul Chehade
Honor and Truth.

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