Patrick Saada’s Infinite Diam announces the launching of new jewelry brand, Galith

The beauty of diamonds has long fascinated someone like Patrick Saada, who truly appreciates and understands their full value. Patrick Saada founded Infinite Diam, a leader in the mining, trading, and manufacturing of diamonds, and now, Infinite Diam has expanded its involvement in the industry with Galith, an international jewelry brand.

ISRAEL – Apr 3rd, 2018 – Infinite Diam takes pride in being a family-run business enterprise which has been operating as a major diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing firm for years. It was started by a visionary, Patrick Saada, who saw and appreciated the remarkable beauty and value of diamonds and decided to become involved in the diamond sector because of his innate love for the gems.

Today, Infinite Diam announces the launch of a new jewelry brand connected to its enterprise, named Galith, which is run and operated by Patrick Saada’s daughter, named Galith as well. As Infinite Diam also confirms, “Our passion for diamonds, whether rough or polished, has obviously (led) us to become involved with jewelry. In 2017 we successfully (launched) our first online jewelry collection under the brand Galith.”

The Galith shop offers all kinds of diamond jewelry, be it rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. But one of its most popular specialties is engagement rings. The engagement rings at Galith can be fully customised according to the customer’s specifications, especially when it comes to the shape of the stone, the actual design, and the metal. And because of the involvement with and connection to Infinite Diam, Galith is able to source the precious stones easily and conveniently – since Infinite Diam itself is involved in mining, manufacturing, and trading diamonds.

Because of the direct connection between Infinite Diam and Galith, Galith eliminates the middleman and virtually eliminates markups as well. Galith doesn’t have to source diamonds from other suppliers, as the Infinite Diam enterprise can provide them directly to the jewelry brand. Galith explains, “Galith has too long heard “a diamond is forever” and wishes now to impose “a diamond is for every day.” Many jewelry houses have made fine diamond jewelry accessible to very few. Galith’s mission is to leverage its unique position in the diamond business and bring its clients closer in the process, eliminating the middlemen and markups.”

The partnership between Infinite Diam and Galith is no surprise, and with the invaluable connection between the two, clients around the world can more easily find the best diamond jewelry for their needs.

About the company:

Patrick Saada, a leading specialist in diamond trading, mining, and manufacturing, announces the launch of new jewelry brand, Galith. To acquire more info about Patrick Saada and the Galith jewelry brand, visit the website. 

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