Patrick Saada, founder of Infinite Diam, expands position in diamond sector with Galith

The name Patrick Saada has been synonymous with diamond mining as well as manufacturing and trading for years. Patrick Saada’s involvement in the diamond industry is a big confidence-booster for another jewelry enterprise, Galith, started by another member of his family.

ISRAEL – 23 Mar, 2018 – The diamond industry has prospered through the years, enhancing and improving the lives and situations of thousands, even millions, of workers. With advancements in technology, the diamond mining industry has evolved as well, and now, it has become one of the most successful industries in the world. 

When it comes to mining for diamonds as well as the manufacture and trading of rough diamonds, Patrick Saada is a name that comes to mind. Through Patrick Saada’s dream and vision, an established company like Infinite Diam has been formed. Infinite Diam is involved in various facets of the industry, ranging from mining to trading to manufacturing. Trading, according to Infinite Diam, is one of its lifebloods: “The company DNA is run off rough diamond distribution. On a monthly basis, a highly specialized team with decades of experience in the rough industry is sourcing, preparing and marketing accurate assortments to its regular customer base. Our aim is that our diamonds reach the best-suited customer in order to optimize the production value.” 

Another sector which Patrick Saada is heavily involved in through Infinite Diam is manufacturing. As Infinite Diam’s website also confirms, “Unlocking value – our unique position in the rough diamond pipeline allows us to carefully select special stones and transform them into some of the most beautiful gems.” 

And this is precisely where Galith comes in. Galith was established by Patrick Saada’s own daughter, who has also been greatly involved in the business since she was a young child. With Patrick’s guidance and direction, Galith has increasingly become a leading and respected name when it comes to diamond jewelry of all kinds. According to Galith’s website, “Galith’s passion for diamonds can be traced to her childhood. She was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, the world diamond capital. Her father, Patrick, with unparalleled experience in the industry, took her through every step of a diamond’s life, from rough to the most beautiful polished and sparkling pieces.” 

With Patrick Saada’s involvement and experience and Galith’s enthusiasm, skills, and love for the precious stones, it’s no wonder Galith has become a name to contend with. 

About the company:

Patrick Saada is an established name in diamond mining, trading, manufacturing, and jewelry. For more information on Patrick Saada, Infinite Diam Ltd, and his career expertise and involvement with jewelry brand Galith, visit his website.

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