Patrick Saada Adds To List of Achievements with Galith, The Online Jewelry Shop

Diamond trader, manufacturer, and specialist Patrick Saada has been involved in the industry for years and has made a lot of ventures into the sector with his firms, especially the established firm, Infinite Diam. But amongst the many achievements of Patrick Saada, Galith, an online jewelry shop, can now be added to the roster.

ISRAEL – Patrick Saada has been able to launch a number of companies in the diamond industry, including Galdiam, Octea Ltd, and Infinite Diam. Galdiam is dedicated to the finest diamond jewelry and it offers online shopping with its e-commerce platform. Whilst Patrick Saada is the founder of Galdiam, he is the vice chairman and chief marketing officer for Octea Ltd, which has various mineral interests in the Sierra Leone republic.

But another one of Patrick Saada’s notable achievements – perhaps his most notable achievement – is Infinite Diam, which is well known as one of the leading diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing firms. Infinite Diam was founded by Patrick Saada in 2013, and its headquarters are at the heart of the International Diamond Exchange in Israel. What makes Infinite Diam extra special is the fact that it is a family-run enterprise, 100% owned by Patrick Saada and his family, and it operates to the most exacting and precise standards. In fact, its core values include integrity, professionalism, and transparency, and it has lived up to its core values since it began operations more than 4 years ago.

No one can deny that Patrick Saada has a long list of achievements, but he has recently added to his list with the launching of Galith, an online jewelry shop. Galith is actually an online jewelry shop operated and managed by Patrick Saada’s daughter, who herself is named Galith. It can be said that the jewelry shop is probably named after her. Galith, Patrick Saada’s daughter, is a fully trained GIA gemologist, and she received her training in New York. But her passion for diamonds and diamond jewelry has been around since she was a child, when her own father, Patrick Saada, taught her about diamonds in the world’s capital for diamonds, the city of Antwerp in Belgium.

Galith, along with heavy support from Patrick Saada, offers a much easier process of ordering diamond jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings, by eliminating the markups as well as the middlemen. Patrick Saada’s stamp is clearly seen at Galith, and there’s no doubt that Galith will be a success as well. 

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Patrick Saada’s name has long been associated with diamond trading, manufacturing, and mining, and his achievements in the industry are well known.  For those who would like to know more about the work of Patrick Saada, visit Mr. Saada’s website.

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