Partake In “We Are In Love” Campaign to Win Wedding Dresses NZ from Pickweddingdresses

Pickweddingdresses announces to hold a campaign named “We Are in Love”. All couples can take part in the game. The winner can the most beautiful wedding dress from the newest collection of Wedding Dresses NZ and diamond wedding ring sets.

Pickweddingdresses holds a “We Are in Love” activity. The name is a pun: it can just be the couple themselves and also mean they fall in love with stunning wedding dresses from Pickweddingdresses. The new collection, Wedding Dresses NZ, will be the prize for top 5 couples. The participants can play together and win prizes in the game.

The activity is open to the public. Couples who register on the website and upload their photos, have access to win the big prizes. Their photos will show up at the website for a fortnight. During the period, every user can vote for 10 couples every day. Two weeks later, top 50 participants will be invited to play the final game. In the first round, couples are divided into 2 parts, men and women. The host asks 10 questions about their habits and daily lives. Couples have to write down their answers within 20 seconds. Couples who give the same or similar answers score. They cannot go to the next round if their points are zero. In the second round, men have to find out their beloved by sniffing. Ladies will stand in a line while their men sniff around ladies with eyes covered. Men can stand behind the one he chooses. In this round, men will be given 2 choices. If the man doesn’t give the right answer, he will do it again with others. In the final round, ladies will be asked to find their man by touching them. Ladies can touch their faces, their hands or other parts of their bodies. The game will be harder and harder until only one couple win. They will get the shining diamond wedding rings and the most beautiful and luxurious wedding dresses from the new collection. The top 5 couples can get expensive wedding dresses.

Besides the great prizes that participants can get, all the audience present can have a chance to get one wedding dress from the collection of Cheap Wedding Dresses. Totally 3 couples can get free wedding dresses. They will be picked at random by television cameras. Their face will be shown in the screen when the camera focus on them. They can go to the stage and get the wedding dress. Other audiences can get coupons after they like Pickweddingdresses at Facebook.

The CEO of Pickweddingdresses seems to indulge in memories when asked why Pickweddingdresses holds such a campaign. “When I got married, I cannot afford a wedding dress, even the cheapest one. So we rent a wedding dress. We knew lots of people have worn it, but we had no choice. For a bride, a wedding dress is the most important thing in the wedding. The wedding can be held in church, in the garden or in some other places. However, the wedding dresses directly shows the beauty of the bride and highlights her feminine curves. After several years, I still felt sorry for not giving my wife a perfect wedding. So we set up Pickweddingdresses with the aim to offer affordable wedding dresses in the world. We hope more brides can have their own wedding dresses to perfect that day. This time, we hold this game for 3 main reasons. Frist, we want to thank our customers for their support. Second, we hope brides in limited budget can have a chance to get a stunning dress for their big day. Last, we show the quality and the look of our wedding dresses to people who want to learn more about us. Every lady wants to show her best look on their big day. But, how? Our wedding dresses will tell you.”


As a professional bridal gown and bridesmaid dress shop, Pickweddingdresses provides the best dresses and the lowest prices in wide collection. Pickweddingdresses aims to give all the brides affordable wedding dresses. Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are sure to be made by the experienced workers with the most suitable fabric. Perfect wedding dresses are half done.

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