Paronk Consulting has unveiled the Path to Success in Entrepreneurship Platform and “Success 2018”, a New Mobile Coach

California, USA – August 3rd, 2017 Paronk Consulting, a leading consulting firm in San Francisco California is providing entrepreneurs with an entrepreneurship platform and what they call “a new coach in the pocket.” According to Patrice Nko’o the Managing Director of Paronk Consulting “a new coach in the pocket” is an app that is dedicated to entrepreneurs who would like to succeed in the murky waters of business. The app, dubbed Success 2018 allows the entrepreneurs to get information, tips and motivation content which allow them to remain responsive to change.

While explaining how the platform and the app will help entrepreneurs to succeed in a competitive environment, Patrice said that they were inspired by the saying of the evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin sentiments on survival of species. “ It is not just enough to be strong or intelligent, you need to add  a third quality–be the most responsive to change, this is what Darwin said about surviving as a species,” said Patrice while adding that Success 2018 and Paronk Consulting platform provides valuable lessons and tips that will help entrepreneurs to be responsive to changes and conquer competition.

The platform has nine tools which include: The Pyramid of Goals, Your Rules of Success, The Entrepreneurship Why, the Goals Oriented Action Sheet, the Entrepreneurship Map, the Vision Board, the Value Solution, the Business Scale Model, and the app, which entrepreneurs can use to increase their speed of delivery and to improve their efficiency.

The app helps in coaching and mentoring an entrepreneur.

The new coach in the pocket will assist in redefining goals, fine tune the business vision, scale up the business and acquire unquestionable faith which drives to success.

Success 2018 is already available for download in Google Play Store and later this year in App Store. It is currently retailing at $ 19.99.

Patrice appeals to all entrepreneurs to get their new mobile coach and get equipped to face competition.

About Paronk Consulting:

Paronk Consulting is a consulting firm located in San Francisco, California. The firm coaches and mentors aspiring and established entrepreneurs, equipping them with knowledge and zeal to conquer competition.

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