Tomato Firmware Offers Parental Control Options For Internet Access

Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America – May 5th, 2015 – The rise of the internet is incredible: in the space of just two decades, it has grown from a nerdy backwater into a major part of our lives, both economically and personally.

Today’s children are the first generation to have never known life without the internet—these days, toddlers are just as likely to play with an iPad as they are with Lego—but unlike Lego, the internet presents real problems, including but not limited to the following:

•    Accidentally accessing pornographic content
•    Making expensive app purchases and racking up bills unknowingly
•    Meeting pedophiles in online chat rooms

These are clear and present dangers, and parents have a responsibility to educate and protect their children—which requires parental control. Many may be put off by the belief that doing so requires a high level of technological knowledge.

Tomato Firmware offers a solution by giving parents full control over all internet-enabled devices in the home through their router. The software replaces the stock firmware that typically comes installed with routers, giving parents complete control over access to the internet: entire websites can be blocked, and parents can monitor their child’s internet activity remotely.

For families who are trying to claw back some “family time” at the dinner table, there is an option to block all internet access for a set period of time. It’s all too easy for teenagers to stay up all night playing video games or chatting with friends and strangers—but with Tomato Firmware, you can set a time to disconnect for the evening.

“We want to help parents protect their children from real and present threats on the internet,” said Dave Black, Director of Training at the company. “At the same time, we also want to educate people about the technology that they use every day in simple language. We believe in a free, open internet that children can use responsibly, while giving parents control and peace of mind that their children aren’t accessing dangerous content that could affect their wellbeing—and quite possibly their safety.”

Tomato firmware can be downloaded for free and runs on many routers, including popular models from Asus, Cisco and Linksys. The company offers a comprehensive guide and video tutorials that explain how to install the software, setup a home computer network, and configure the parental control settings

About Tomato Router Firmware

Tomato firmware is a software program that enhances consumer-related wireless router technology with commercial-grade features and functionality, allowing users to do things that normal routers do not usually allow, such as website blocking, monitoring internet activity and extending the range of a Wi-Fi connection, while offering parents control over their children’s internet activity.

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