The California offices of Cellular Research Institute are issuing customer support calls to customers today, apologizing for depleting their stock and going on back order for their industry leading fish oil product, Paragon Fish Oil.

Customer Service representative Christine Haga explained the issue. 

“We’ve sold out completely of Paragon Fish Oil and are ordering more, and I want our customers to know that this is a good thing… This is exactly the kind of problem you want to have. Like a popular restaurant with a line out the door, not having enough is better than having too much.” 

Christine explains that Paragon’s short stock is part of a commitment to quality.

“Fish oil is a major health market, but fish oil itself can be a very sensitive product. You want it to be fresh, and you absolutely should not buy it off the shelf in a grocery store because you have no idea how long it has been sitting there. Scummy old fish oil doesn’t have a health benefit and it can even do more harm than good. We order short runs of Paragon Fish Oil because it’s been cleaned and concentrated to have tons of Omega 3 fatty acid, it’s more premium and has more nutritional content than most brands, you can compare for yourself. We want it to be fresh when it reaches our customers, we don’t want it to sit in a warehouse. We run out of stock because we keep the quantity sitting in the warehouse low, we only ship it fresh. Our batches are short for quality purposes.”

Christine also mentioned that the issue should be resolved soon, and that customers who are patiently waiting for Paragon Fish Oil are wise to trust the brand.

“Our operations manager had a conference call with our supplier and our warehouse just this morning, and we have product on the way. I’m sure by the time you’re reading this press release on google, we’ll have Paragon back in stock and shipping. Most of the customers I’ve talked to so far have been very patient and understanding- They know that when it comes to health products, it’s better to wait for freshness than take a risk on something sitting on a shelf for months. We have pretty smart customers.”

To place an order for Paragon Fish Oil, use their website at

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