Pallet Consultants Plans to add Tesla Semi Trucks to its Existing Fleet

Atlanta, Georgia – May 12, 2018 – Pallet Consultants Atlanta, the largest pallet manufacturer in the greater Atlanta area, has considered procuring semi-trucks from Tesla to add to its current fleet of over 500 or more trailers.

Tesla Semi refers to the all-electric trailer prototype introduced last November 16, 2017. Tesla is looking at the complete production in 2019.

At present, the $76 billion pallet industry is going through extensive changes. This is one reason why the company is looking advance their equipment. Pallet Consultants has progressed significantly during the last few years. The company has five core manufacturing and recycling facilities as well as more than 150 pallet manufacturing affiliate nationwide.

Pallet Consultants operates 500 trailers making use of central coordination as well as constant communications. These allow all pallets to be delivered promptly according to daily schedules. The company strives to provide clients with quality service, innovative technology, and competitive pricing for fuel, shipping, and wood. At the same time, management focuses on growth by improving efficiency and implementing cost-effectiveness.

It makes sure to achieve responsiveness. In line with this goal, Pallet Consultants guarantees 24 hour delivery. All of its teams are held accountable for their actions to meet commitments and attain customer satisfaction.

The company’s major products include new, recycled, and specialty pallets; crates and boxes; mulch and biomass; certified heat-treated pallets; and pallet specification consulting.

Pallet Consultants serves warehouses for grocery items; packers of produce; citrus growers; fertilizer companies; mulching services; and, other industries.

For new pallets, it offers different types of lumber, classifications, and dimensions.

Recycled pallets represent an environmental-friendly alternative with eight grades of second hand 48 X 40 GMA-style pallets. Pallet Consultants manufactures pallets based on specifications of clients. These products are more affordable compared to the new version.

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About the Company

Pallet Consultants started its operations initially at Pompano Beach in Florida. It has amassed more than 60 years of experience in this sector. The company designs and customizes pallet programs for its clients.

As a licensed facility for heat treatment conforming to International Standards (ISPM) 15 requirements for all wood-packing materials. It ensures 24/7 services all over the USA. 

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