Painkiller Addiction on the Rise among Teenagers in the U.S.

Rapid drug detox is a specialized treatment that removes all opiates and opioids from the brain’s receptors while the patient is asleep under anesthesia/sedation. To increase effectiveness and comfort MDS uses safe,
Half of all teens use an illegal substance while in high school and painkillers are currently one of the most popular abused drug for people 13–18 years old.

DETROIT (August 14, 2014) – Recent statistics have shocked the medical community, as it’s shown a 40% increase in use of painkillers among teens over the last three years. Over two million teens abuse painkillers, possibly due to the ease with which they can be acquired – most often sitting in the family’s medicine cabinet.

Many teens who abuse painkillers have had them prescribed after an injury or medical procedure, leading to the belief that the drugs are safe to take at any time. Some of the most common painkillers being taken by teenagers include:

  • Percocet
  • Vicodin
  • Oxycontin
  • Codeine
  • Demerol

These painkillers are Opioids, which are highly addictive. A common method of ingestion is by way of crushing the pills and snorting them, which can deliver 12 hours’ worth of the drug at one time, creating a dangerous health risk.

Opioids are similar to heroin in the effects on the body, and opioid use leads to heroin in a staggeringly large percentage of cases. What many teenagers don’t realize is how difficult breaking the addiction can be.

Physical withdrawal is painful and can be dangerous if not done under medical care. With one in five high school students abusing painkillers, and 2,500 teenagers starting every day, education is imperative. Educating teenagers about the dangers of painkillers and the difficult detox from the addiction is the first step in preventing the occurrence of addiction in the first place.

There are options for teenagers who suffer from painkiller addictions. MDS Drug Detox in Southfield, MI, offers a rapid detox program, the only one in the United States done under the care of Board Certified physicians. Since the establishment of rapid opiate detox treatments, some doctors have deemed suffering from withdrawal archaic. During rapid opioid detox, patients under anesthesia are injected with opiate-blocking drugs, allowing them to clear their bodies of the opiate and the cravings without experiencing withdrawal.

Follow-up care and counselling is essential to successfully overcoming an addiction and avoiding a relapse. If you know a teenager struggling with a painkiller addiction and think that rapid detox is the best option, contact MDS Drug Detox for information and support.


MDS Drug Detox is located just outside of Detroit in Smithfield, MI. They have designed and built their new rapid drug detox center to the highest standards of modern medicine, safety, and confidentiality. It is fully equipped and staffed for the utmost in medical care during the detox treatment, and Dr. George and his staff monitor patients in the center and also wherever they are staying after discharge.

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