DriveForSuccess Boosts Online Businesses With Social Media Marketing Services

DriveForSuccess harnesses the power of social media by providing custom marketing services to online businesses. These online businesses are grown and scaled up using social media as a tool.

In today’s digital world, social media is a pretty huge deal. This is where you see anything and everything nowadays. Because of this, it is prudent to use different social media sites as tools to advertise your business. If you do not know how to use social media to your business’ advantage, let DriveForSuccess do all the work.

DriveForSuccess focuses on businesses that are just starting up or businesses that want to expand. The coaching programs offered by DriveForSuccess are aimed to help clients scale their online businesses and streamline operations. The coaching company even has a soft spot for businesses with no extensive social media presence. DriveForSuccess takes these companies and increases online traffic through viral social media content and other strategies. Marketing plans will then be applied to convert traffic to high sales.

Everything you are looking for is in DriveForSuccess. It is a multifunctional coaching website because you will find out that it is an online coach, a motivator, and a teacher all in one. The people behind DriveForSuccess are like magicians that help customers as best as they can. These people transform clients and businesses into better versions of themselves one project at a time.

Are you interested in what DriveForSuccess has to offer you? This coaching company has an array of packages to choose from, so you will not run out of choices. DriveForSuccess offers sales conversion optimization, social media consultation, social media content creation, sales conversion, social media strategy, sales video procedures, and combinations of the aforementioned packages. It would be up to you to pick what you think is right for you and your business.

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OnlineSuccess.Site Named Top Online Business Hosting Provider

More and more clients have been switching to OnlineSuccess.Site as their hosting provider because of the excellent hosting services and customer support.

Managing a website for your business online was such a hassle before. There would be added stress every time a technical problem arises or when the website unexpectedly has downtime. Now, business owners need not worry. Ever since OnlineSuccess.Site has handled the hosting of websites, managing your site has become such a breeze.

OnlineSuccess.Site has been named a world-class hosting website because of its offerings of great hosting services and unparalleled customer service support. The services OnlineSuccess.Site provides is varied so the client can have many choices and pick the best ones he or she would see fit for the business.

OnlineSuccess.Site offers hosting with different numbers of databases, email addresses, and disk space depending on what the client wants. It can host one WordPress site up until 50 sites, all tailor-made according to the client’s wishes. It also provides social media promotion, which lets your business gain followers organically and gets known by your target population online. They can even make and manage the business’ social media accounts for you. If you don’t know how to create a website, they can customize one for you. In addition, they can coordinate social media pages and posts to your website and create a plan to increase sales for your business. As you can see, OnlineSuccess.Site goes above and beyond what a typical hosting company does just to make sure the client is satisfied.

If you want to learn more about OnlineSuccess.Site, you can just visit the website at OnlineSuccess.Site. You can also contact them through email at or through call at +44 (800) 031-8150 for those in the UK and +1 (855) 838-7692 for those in the US.

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OnlineSuccess.Site Breaking New Hosting Records

Developing and maintaining a website for yourself or your business is already enough of a chore. Add to that the hassle of experiencing glitches and downtime, which makes everything harder for you. However, you can’t just give up on your website. After all, you need an online presence for your business or brand to succeed.

With that, reliable hosting services are necessary. You need hosting providers that can get your website up and make it go live to attract people who are potential customers. They give you the appropriate tools and requirements needed for the website to go up. They are what sets you apart from being a business no one knows about to a booming business with the right online presence.

This is where OnlineSuccess.Site comes in. OnlineSuccess.Site is a new, upcoming, UK-based company that is a web hosting provider. It has various hosting services which the client can choose from according to his or her business’ specifications.

Although it is a relatively new hosting company, it is already catching the attention of people both in the business and digital worlds because of its reliability and near-perfect uptime. When problems or glitches arise, OnlineSuccess.Site is quick to address and fix them.

Past clients have been raving about this company. They compared OnlineSuccess.Site with their past hosting providers and it is much faster and more reliable than their competitors. OnlineSuccess.Site also has a great uptime record with little to no downtime. If a downtime incident happens, the team’s response team is great. Hosting with OnlineSuccess.Site also guarantees a fast site with virtually no crashes, even with a huge spike in the website’s traffic.

With OnlineSuccess.Site, clients have had a higher click-to-sales conversion rate compared to before. With all its services and good customer support, it is no wonder that it is being recognized as a rising star in the hosting industry online.

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YEDAO Tops List of China’s 50 Leading Cross-border Brands

Shanghai – September 19, 2019 – YEDAO Technology, a subsidiary of YEDAO Group, was included in the 2019 list of China’s top 50 leading cross-border brands on the yearly authoritative report from Facebook and KPMG, it was announced yesterday. Listed companies include; Air China, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, Xiaomi, Lenovo, TCL, Haier, Midea, ByteDance and many other well-known domestic enterprises in fields ranging from air travel to electronics.

The comprehensive ranking is updated every year since its launch in 2017 and aims to analyze new trends, evaluating hundreds of Chinese companies based on brand awareness, relevance, and reputation. The list results are also chosen from surveys conducted among 2,400 people from multiples cultures, countries, ages, cultural backgrounds and income levels, and is combined with Facebook data on precision coverage, brand performance, effect conversion, business integrity, and other aspects.

The list reflects the consumer recognition of Chinese brands in key overseas markets and can help companies truly achieve global transactions in order to meet the demands of global consumers.

YEDAO Technology is affiliated with YEDAO Group, which owns WhatsMode, SocialEras and other overseas DTC (direct to consumer) brands.

Harnessing the power of the “Internet Celebrity Economy”, YEDAO Technology focused on linking the Internet Celebrity & KOL network with China’s superior supply chain in order to reach an even wider network of consumers for brands. Using data-driven solutions they have cornered the market in the influencer economy right as it began, becoming the first name in the overseas Internet celebrity market.

When compared with companies of the caliber of Huawei, Lenovo and other established companies on the list, YEDAO is still in the new generation of rapid growth. However, since its establishment, YEDAO has focused on the global market and tried to incubate a batch of internationally focused Chinese brands through the influencer and Internet celebrity economy.

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HeadUP launches free online storytelling platform to inspire the world

Innovative free storytelling platform, HeadUP, aims to offer inspiration and motivation to individuals across the globe to help improve their life

HeadUP has launched a free online storytelling platform to help people push their individual boundaries and reach their full potential. The platform lets users share stories and promote positive action in the real world. “We started this project as part of our ‘kokorozashi’ (志) – we wanted to create a place where people can inspire and learn from one another,” said the founders of HeadUP.

Kokorozashi is a Japanese term that means “personal mission”. Kokorozashi (志) is a combination of the characters for a person (or samurai) (士) and mind or heart (心). Literally translated, kokorozashi means “a person with a good heart and mind”.  Thibault Defrance and Carlos Tabares discovered their kokorozashi after being amazed by the manner in which their fellow transit riders in the Tokyo underground journeyed home with their heads hanging, conveying a collective sense of sorrow, and founded HeadUP as a result. HeadUP’s kokorozashi is important because it aims to help individuals – especially those who feel down and hopeless – to keep their “heads up” regardless of the challenges and trials they encounter in life.

Mr. Defrance and Mr. Tabares feel that it is crucial for everyone to have access to inspiring content. Due to the potentially sensitive nature of the content, contributors often share deeply meaningful and personal stories with their privacy remaining intact. HeadUP offers contributors the ability to post using their real names, pseudonyms, or anonymously to protect privacy. An active group of volunteer moderators subsequently reviews the content before posting to ensure it complies with the goal of the platform.

Site contributors can also seamlessly interact with other user’s content through popular modern features. This multi-faceted and flexible combination of blogging, social media, and business promotion in a variety of languages has allowed the site to attract a constantly growing, diverse group of users who generate a wide range of content for a variety of purposes.

Since its founding in 2016, HeadUP has evolved into a dynamic, multilingual platform that attracts users from across the world, communicating their own inspirational messages and sharing motivational business ideas. HeadUP’s sleek, professional user interface is available in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese with plans to add support for additional languages in 2020.

HeadUP also offers merchandise to help spread the positive message of the brand, including tote bags, T-shirts, and other items.

HeadUP is seeking additional funding to support growth via its Patreon account at

The team continues to invest in the platform to innovate and meet the needs of both storytellers and readers.

More information about HeadUP can be found on the website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

About HeadUP

HeadUP is an online storytelling platform founded by Thibault Defrance and Carlos Tabares to transmit optimism.

HeadUP’s mission is to create a place that inspires people to take positive action in the real world and improve their lives. HeadUP is currently focusing on helping people create and share inspiring written work. With the various categories, the aspiring readers can learn moral lessons that they can apply to improve the quality of their lives.

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E. Lynn Price of Lynn Price Consulting, LLC continues to garner reviews for “Negotiate It!”

Speaker, author, and attorney, E. Lynn Price, teaches the art of effective negotiating in her latest book titled “Negotiate It!”

E. Lynn Price is an experienced speaker, attorney, and author of “Negotiate It!: How to Crush Your Fears, Develop Your Negotiation Muscle, and Gain Power in the Workplace.” Published on December 2018, the book has continued to attract the attention of individuals and major stakeholders in the business environment, including

The book was included in a list of “The Best Books That Will Make You A Master Negotiator,” in an article published on Unlike many other negotiation guides that often bore readers after a few pages due to the academic style of writing, this book is written in a conversational and engaging manner. said it was “…full of useful advice, written in a straightforward, fluff-free style.”

Negotiate It!” also made the list of “12 Best New Negotiation Books To Read In 2019,” according to a report on BookAuthority, a platform known for identifying and rating the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment.

The captivating book provides women, entrepreneurs, small business owners, realtors, retailers, sales professionals, engineers, and all classes of professionals with tools to immediately improve their negotiation skills- in all areas. Lynn aims to teach readers “the proven formula of the Three R’s – You will learn how to be:-Ready-Relatable-Reasonable.”

Lynn shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise gathered over two decades of professional negotiation experience with more than 11,000 agreements successfully negotiated. Readers are encouraged to confidently adopt the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Get” philosophy after completing the book.

Negotiate It! will help you build confidence and increase your success rate dramatically,” said Lynn Price.

The book is currently available on Amazon and has been receiving accolades from readers worldwide.

For more information about “Negotiate It!” and other works from E. Lynn Price, please visit – E. Lynn Price is also available on LinkedIn.

About Lynn Price Consulting, LLC

Lynn Price Consulting, LLC was founded by speaker, consultant and attorney, E. Lynn Price, to provide speaking engagements, personalized training and HR consulting. E. Lynn Price is an experienced negotiator with over twenty years of experience. In 2014, Lynn was selected as a “40 Under 40” by Ingram’s Business Magazine in Kansas City.

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TPM Announces Southeastern Tour of Live Product Design Events

TPM Inc., the Southeast’s leading 2D and 3D design technology provider, announces its Fall Southeastern Tour of live 3D product design showcase events.

TPM has partnered with industry technology experts like HP, MarkForged, SOLIDWORKS, FARO and The SolidExperts to present 3D product development capabilities in 3D Design, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning and their impact on the way we design and manufacture products today.

“Technology and consumer demands are dramatically changing the way our customers design and manufacture products across the Southeast. This series of events from North Carolina to Florida will enable companies to experience the latest technology in 3D printing, scanning and design with hands-on sessions from industry experts,” said Chris Fay, President of TPM.

Event details can be found at or as listed below:

September 17 at 10:00 am: HP Headquarters, Alpharetta, GA

September 27 at 9:00 am: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

October 15 at 1:30 pm: Hilton Garden Inn, Orlando, FL

October 17 at 1:30 pm: The SolidExperts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

October 9 at 10:00 am: TPM of Greenville, Greenville, SC

October 10 at 10:00 am: TPM of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

About TPM, Inc.

TPM, Inc. is headquartered in Greenville, SC with offices in Columbia, SC, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Raleigh-Durham, NC, and Alpharetta, GA. TPM is the Southeast’s leading provider of 2D and 3D design technology alongside partners that include Autodesk, SOLIDWORKS, HP, MarkForged, Canon, Oce, and many more. TPM serves more than 3,500 customers each year with technology solutions, training, consulting, and implementation services.

Singapore – 19th September, 2019 – Block news invited Liam Xu, a partner of RuiBTCRB token, a new exchange, as themain speaker to bring us a new AMA. The host of this event is Thiago Fang, Commercial Director of Block News.

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Queen Latifah and Shania Twain discover an overnight internet sensation CJ Stain

Queen Latifah and Shania Twain discover an overnight internet sensation CJ Stain

Ontario, Canada – C.J. Stain is an Ontario, Canada-born R&B singer, whose song “One” is generating significant buzz on YouTube. The song’s message about gender equality, tolerance, and perseverance has garnered acclaim by the music community on the popular social network, but the highest praise came from hip-hop legend turned singer and actress Queen Latifah (real name Dana Owens), who is an LGBTQ+ icon, ally, and advocate.

“I see you O! My how you’ve grown! Keep doing You!” the legend responded to the new song, adding a wink face emoji to the direct message.

Stain, who also considers himself an actor as well as a musician, has received numerous other endorsements for his work. Most notably, the producer has created remixes of “Cold Water,” the successful pop hit performed by fellow Canadian Justin Beiber, as well as his own interpretation of Sage the Gemini’s “Good Thing” remix featuring Nick Jonas.

Another Canadian singer and songwriter, Shania Twain, also has expressed an interest in and appreciation of C.J. Stain’s variety of production and singing, but had especially strong compliments for Stain’s ability as a wordsmith.

“You’re a great songwriter, CJ,” said the Queen of Country Pop.

Stain’s style blends pop, R&B, rap, and soul. His artistry and vision in both original productions and remaking popular hits shows the versatility and commitment to contributing great art to the music community. That his music also offers a message of advocacy lends even more credibility to his status as an artist to keep an eye on.  

For more information, follow:

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AnyFlip Releases a Brand New Flip Book Maker for Mac

AnyFlip Releases a Brand New Flip Book Maker for Mac
AnyFlip has completed the development of a brand new flip book maker for Mac and has eventually released it for use to everyone.

AnyFlip has released its brand new flip book maker for Mac. The new software is expected to put an end to the difficulty faced by publishers when they try to use their Mac devices to flip Magazines, Brochures, Catalogs, and many more.

AnyFlip specializes in developing software that users can use to convert PDF files into interactive HTML5 flip books. The newly launched software allows publishers, who have devices with Mac operating system installed to create exceptional flip books with animation effects. Publishers can also include rich media files like videos, audio, links, and many more in their flip books. The 3D realistic features that come with the software can be used to create page-flipping effects, which makes the software appealing to lots of publishers.

Creating flip books from PDF files with the flip book maker for Mac saves time and effort. Unlike most software out there, users can create a flip book in just a few minutes. AnyFlip aims to increase the productivity of publishers with its software, which they can use effectively and efficiently to produce more flip books. Users get unlimited publications, secure and reliable hosting for their magazines, brochures, and catalogs. Jason Chen, CEO of AnyFlip, said, “We understand the flipping need of publishers and have developed AnyFlip to take care of that need. Publishers can now create more flip books in less time while using our easy-to-use software.”

AnyFlip comes with a user-friendly and interactive user interface. Beginners also can easily find their way around the software. The different tools and advanced features are easily accessible for use in the creation of an exceptional flip book. Users can choose from any of the plans and manage their subscription easily using the advanced analytics available.

Visit for more information.

About AnyFlip

AnyFlip is a software development company focused on providing user-friendly software that enables publishers to create fascinating flip books. The company has developed and launched many software for both Windows and Mac users.

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MDn2 Aesthetics and Wellness – An All-Encompassing Atlanta Aesthetics Center That Offers the Latest in Scientific & Medical Breakthrough

MDn2 Aesthetics and Wellness, an advanced Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic in Atlanta, GA, offers the latest scientifically advanced aesthetics wellness services in the industry. Using the latest technology available, the Atlanta Aesthetics center has the ability to create customized plans and deliver rapid results to all patients and those who want to restore their “quality of life.”

MDn2 Aesthetics and Wellness offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and beauty care, working with practitioners to provide patients with a one-stop-shop for their skin, health, and general wellbeing. At the Atlanta Aesthetics center, there is no “one size fits all” approach; the doctors and certified specialists who make up the team assess every client as an individual and tailor a strategic plan to maximize results, based on their specific biological needs.

The entire MDn2 Aesthetics and Wellness team of doctors and specialists were carefully selected based on experience, credentials, and overall passion for the industry to ensure the highest level of service and results. Aiming to optimize physical, mental, biological, and aesthetic wellbeing, both intrinsically and extrinsically, the techniques used have been both medically and scientifically proven to lead to an improved quality of life. The Atlanta Aesthetics was launched due to a market need to offer a state-of-the-art, private and safe environment in which clients can feel relaxed and have confidence that they will have the utmost quality of care and service.

One of the primary services that sets MDn2 Aesthetics and Wellness apart from others is their unique approach to Laser hair removal treatment christened excel HR™ laser hair removal. Using the latest premium laser hair removal technology that is proven safe and effective on all skin types, they provide the best Laser hair removal Atlanta has to offer.

Understanding how stressful life can become, MDn2 Aesthetics and Wellness offers a core set of services that address and covers all facets of aesthetics and wellness. Just a few of the top services and treatments offered are:

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • PDO Threading, “Lunchtime” Facelift
  • Secret RF Microneedling
  • Laser Genesis Treatment
  • PRP Therapies
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Injections and fillers

By combining one of a kind diagnostic testing with personalized treatment regimens, one can expect a life-changing opportunity to achieve proper wellness with Atlanta aesthetics.

For more in-depth information, please feel free to visit the MDn2 Aesthetics and Wellness at to schedule your free consultation

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Address:2061 Peachtree Road N.W. Suite 250
City: Atlanta
State: GA 30309
Country: United States