Ownership Addition for Broker-Dealer, J. Alden Associates

Philadelphia-based Broker-Dealer and investment firm, J. Alden Associates, taken over by new owners

J. Alden Associates is one of the leading broker-dealers in Philadelphia, offering a wide range of investment services designed to help institutional and individual investors improve their risk-adjusted returns. The firm recently took a strategic step towards providing the best services to its clients by changing the ownership of the firm in February 2018.

Alden Securities, as the firm is also referred to, is a financial services company with solutions for the modern economy. Technology, along with vastly increased investment alternatives, are changing the way both people and companies invest, manage assets, borrow money, and raise capital. Alden offers products and services for individuals and institutions that are focused on these opportunities by leveraging their technological and compliance expertise to bridge traditional securities products with the new ways of investing.

Alden has built a robust platform designed for today’s financial advisor to call home. Alden’s advisor solution is built around competitive payouts, access to unique investment products with high value-add, and a best-in-class compliance program designed to allow access to a wide variety of solutions while protecting both client and advisor. They have the ability to work with advisors who wish to be fully-integrated to an RIA and broker/dealer, or in a hybrid format accessing only the entities they require.

Many advisors and firms are stuck with 20th century investment options in a 21st century global economy. In today’s highly competitive and transparent financial marketplace advisors need a flexible, yet highly compliant firm, that offers both traditional and new investment options to meet their clients’ needs. Alden’s platform contains traditional investments such as equities, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and separate accounts as well as alternatives such as hedge funds, limited partnerships, direct real estate investments and private equity. Alden also provides access to insurance solutions, investment banking, and private finance deals We manage and can act as fiduciary for retirement plans including 401ks and non-profit plans.

More information about Alden Securities can be found on the website.

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