Owner of NBA Mavericks team gave a championship ring to one lucky security personnel

Nov 21, 2014 – USA – According to the report from the official blog of famous Replica champions ring online supplier rockchampions.us, the Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban once gave his security personnel a high value championship ring. By carefully checking, the name for the lucky security personnel is Andre Menzies. Now, he is working at Pelican’s home arena.

In 2011, the NBA team Mavericks came to the home arena of Pelican to challenge them at the end of the regular season. At that time, Mark Cuban who has known Menzies for years was sitting on the bench of Mavericks and then talking with Menzies. “At that day, I was told Kuban that they would win the next championship,” Menzies said. “And I also asked Cuban whether I could get one set of Custom replica ring in case they win championship. MR. Cuban agreed with my request.”

In the end, the famous NBA team Mavericks won the championship of that match season and Cuban also confirmed this case and he also said that championship ring for Menzies is the true one with very high value. After the winning, Menzies told his colleagues about the commitment between MR. Cuban and him but nobody believed him until the Mavericks get their championship rings in the 2011 to 2012 season. Menzies finally received his total championship ring and he felt very exciting about this. “Colleagues asked me about whether my ring is true one or false one,” Menzies said, “I’m surely confirms that this ring appears to be true and I believe that MR. Cuban is very nice guy. Thank you for MR. Cuban and famous NBA team Mavericks.”

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