Ouna: The Digital Face Of Human Resources Recruitment

The data presented all over the internet is often available for anyone who wishes to use that information with a purpose. The same condition occurs to Human Resources during Recruitment; the agents find being submitted with less qualified candidates who end up not satisfying the necessary skills required, costing enormous amounts of time and money, while companies get deprived of hiring highly exercised personnel that can take the company to a higher level.

There are also highly qualified individuals in search for large companies without having access to the employment of their dreams that can offer them more professional opportunities to achieve and obtain the establishment and improvement for their professional career; due to inadequate process they get driven towards options that do not adjust to the levels of their professions and expectations.

Interviewing, programming and estimating an applicant can generate extraordinarily high losses and substituting a non-qualified worker because of a deficient filter can reach up to 2.5 times the year-end wage. Creating beneficial connections of reciprocal profit between corporations and employees is essential for profit gaining, and Ouna has created the ultimate solution for that matter.

Recruitment Beyond Accomplishment

To this demand answers Ouna’s direction within its blockchain tool, as we know, it is a technology continuously implying appliance to all the means of regular circumstances. From the world of finance to improving the Recruitment department, data records are set on this platform verified by an assortment of specialists.

Ouna is the first peer-to-peer Recruitment initiative based on the revolutionary decentralized distributed network. It offers a broad database with more than 15 years of experience in the area supported by professional psychologists and recruiting experts; a platform subtracted for both employers and employees.

Efficiency Pillars

Through the pyramid AI assessment, “Analyzer” acquired by Ouna, researching into the 40 most essential qualities of the candidate they are observed through 12 key parameters inside the assessment, the applicants log in for a transparent environment. When recruiting, thanks to its blockchain methodology, the candidate closest to perfection is obtained with a precision margin of 86%.

Ouna ensures leading the revolution of the job industry and has come to linger. The company offers an online ecosystem; joined with head-hunters and employer agents, receiving the prestige from more than ten years of research and application in more than 100 successful recruiting cases, all together to create the perfect Recruitment tool.

The Perfect Interview

The evaluation is performed to test all of the aptitudes, analyze individual results and offer the company a single perfect match. The reason why this particular type of recruitment uses an anonymous system is to provide a precise opportunity where equality prevails. Ouna seeks to avoid any indication of prejudice, whether for sexual, racial or religious.

By properties such as Smart Contracts to facilitate and automate the method when conducting the negotiation, it’s established once all the conditions have coincided and the two contractors agree, for higher transparency, efficiency and speed.

Bilateral Efficiency

Users will also receive token monetization within the same platform that can then be interchangeable. Employers and employees become part of that vast crypto community to exploit its potential through the environment.

The corresponding platform continually feeds on expanding its database, raising its range of efficiency and exactitude; to parallel and have a more vast record of applicants and corporations so that every part involved is satisfied.

The reason for this records to be the most precise and an excellent choice for Recruitment field is that it is based on the inalterable technology from blockchain technology. Promulgated by examiners, besides the pyramidal assessment test Ouna performs a validation of the data provided and that data is then stored and supported by the digital circuit over the web for performance and profitability.


Teaming up with statisticians, and internet specialists and receiving the backup by companies that offer different solutions such as Alchemist (a project for blockchain economic developing and technology and assets), Pangea (translation, localization, and content service provider) and Tulla Private Equity Group (blockchain finance investments) and many others.

Thanks to its high technology and digital avant-garde make Ouna becomes the ultimate environment aiming to redefine the industry and to project its power and impact due to the brightest and indicated profiles positioned in the right places molding the future.

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