Ouna: The Best Blockchain Recruitment Platform

It is common we find the difficulty when there has to be personal recruitment for a particular project/position. Usually, in rush to hire those we thought were better, we pounced on them and ended up selecting employees without motivation and talent contribution, ending up in inefficient performances. Ouna offers a single solution for this everlasting list of flaws in your team, to mention a few: Naive recruiters, inefficient filters, egocentrics searching for clones troopers.

Ouna makes of Recruitment an effortless task to perform or delegate when you want to make sure that you are extending your network enough to find those potential employees, that are diverse and usually do not orbit near you, without the physical limitations and from the budget in traditional hiring.

Reduce administrative costs

If you are allocating resources in the search and selection of personnel, but also a specific budget of the company is used to carry all the procedures, administrative processes then the need to reduce costs. The cost-benefit of the Ouna platform is an incredibly efficient blockchain technology option, from which your company and candidates can receive up to 40 tokens reward while recruiting high profile personal.

Win-Win Situation

Maybe your most recent projects or particular ones involve huge budgets and little time to do them are only for specific moments in your company, depending on the type of business you are running, experts are needed in particular areas for an estimated time; but the administrative, contracting and regulatory processes of regular recruitment mean loss or an unnecessary expense for you. Ouna offers an analysis of its database that has an eighty percent overall accuracy where the remaining percentage implies the candidate can meet even higher expectations or skills that encompass a broader efficiency ideal for your business.

The five attributes that make Ouna your perfect choice:

  1. Fast Hiring: Trying to find the right candidate for the position in less than two or three days, for example, in a traditional Recruitment campaign, can be a hasty decision with plenty of failure possibilities. It demands planning, preparation, time and the possibility of having enough candidates for a good preselection, Ouna gives you one immediate solution whenever you need it.
  1. Precision: Your typical Recruitment staff may not have a full understanding of the position, skills or requirements that allow them to meet the conditions and characteristics of the candidate with the expectations of the job, resulting in non-compliance with the expectations for both parties. The specialized evaluation of Ouna avoids any sign of errors carrying out a complete analysis to look for the best option.
  1. Diligence: Not considering more than three resumes for reasons of time has resulted in more than one catastrophe. To limit yourself to a few summaries, to look for someone who is vacant and who needs work as the only selection criterion leads to an invaluable loss of resources. Ouna presents a practical solution that preserves capital and values your time when making a match with a candidate ready to start boosting since the very first day.
  1. Objectivity: Not to compare candidates with valid arguments, to rely excessively on our intuition, to select the one who gives me a good impression, to choose with prejudices or negative stereotypes, all this leads to discarding eligible candidates that evidence the real adjustment to profile and organization. A mistake that can result in millions of losses or the destabilization of an entire complex; no corporation can afford this. The evaluation of Ouna system method is based on an anonymous assessment so all profiles are exempt from value judgments that do not correspond to the skills necessary for working life and abilities.
  1. Truthfulness: Usually from the moment of the traditional interview, everything that appears in the resume is assumed to be genuine; profile, studies, experience, among others, losing sight of the fact that not all people usually act with honesty, omitting the validation of the authenticity of the information. The Blockchain technology that supports Ouna, together with psychologists, advisors, Recruitment agents and the backup from important companies, ensures to verify the veracity of the education and experience of each candidate.

Keep on shaping the future

Each one of the officers working in your company be representing engine components operating together in continuous feedback, challenging their inner self to keep growing professionally and make your company grow under your leadership.

It’s time to be a pioneer and create your own safe path to success by surrounding yourself only with the ideal team.

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