OTDS Offering A Whole New Range of the Best Quality Power Distribution Networks

13 May, 2015 – London, UK – OTDS is a leader in supplying materials of power distribution in almost every corner of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Established in the year 1978, the company is UK based and possesses very good experience in an assortment of power distribution networks. The company provides its quality services to Gas, Oil, Mining and Utility industries in the United Kingdom and even overseas. OTDS possesses more than thirty years of experience in supplying power distribution materials. It has a thorough knowledge of performing in almost any situation. The company also possesses the ability of developing effective solutions tailored according to the requirements of the customers.

At http://www.otds.co.uk one can find complete power distribution networks ranging between 240v and 132kV. OTDS has the potential of designing its customer’s complete electrical distribution supply and network materials for getting their projects live. This is done by the company without the least thought about the size of the project. The complete range of power distribution materials that you will find at http://www.otds.co.uk include power transformers, cabling, substations, overhead line materials, low voltage tools and accessories. All the products supplied by OTDS feature fully compatible, carefree and comprehensive installation.

The company has several warehouses and offices in the UK where it stocks up all the required materials for starting with a completely new system of power distribution. The warehouses of the company have steel and wooden poles, overhead line hardware, power transformers, conductor kits and termination kits in the store. This is a good policy practiced by OTDS which helps the company in providing a very quick delivery of materials for certain emergency projects.

The company possesses the capacity and the capability of working on all sorts of contracts and projects irrespective of the fact that whether they are small or large. One of the clients from OTDS speaks about the company saying, “OTDS has helped us reach our customers in almost any part of the world. This is the reason why I have stuck with this company since I entered the power distribution business.”

OTDS engineers some of the most brilliant solutions for all sorts of applications quickly and competitively. The power transformers, distribution transformers, overhead line materials and switch gear produced by OTDS speak best about the potential and the quality of the company. All the products manufactured by OTDS are held with incredible care. Every detail is covered in an intelligent manner adhering to the strict standards of safety and even the best practices in engineering. The company makes use of the latest technique in producing all its products. Products manufactured by the company have the guarantee of lasting for a very long time. The company also possesses the ability of offering numerous designs in its products. The company is always there at the disposal of its clients by way of quality customer support. Customers are offered wide choices when it comes to ratings, styles and types. Apart from this, clients taking the services of OTDS can remain assured of getting the required products within their limited budget.

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