Orlando Crowdfunding Campaign Surpasses Goal by $25,000: 40+ Countries Rally on Kickstarter for Cyber Security Device

Kickstarter, an online crowdfunding campaign, propels ICLOAK Stik to manufacturing phase. With support from over 40 countries, anonymity-providing tool was proven a much wanted cyber security device.

On July 25, 2014, in the midst of an array of security breaches and the release of new information that the NSA can legally monitor the Internet, the DigiThinkIT team launched their new brand ICLOAK™. The first product, the ICLOAK Stik, is a pinky-sized device that offers online privacy and anonymity to its users. This digital cloak keeps users’ search history, IP address, MAC address, and more from being used to track their activity online.

“Average internet users have no idea how bad it is getting,” states Eric B. Delisle, the CEO of DigiThinkIT and creator of ICLOAK. “Between Big Brother, Big Data, and Bad Actors, they are all exploiting the peoples’ ignorance of how technology works to track everything a user does and then use that for their own enrichment without the user having a choice in the matter. If you don’t know how the Internet or even a web browser really works inside, how can you know if you are protecting yourself? You don’t.”

The launch marked the beginning of a crowd funding campaign that lasted 30 days. DigiThinkIT’s goal was to raise $75,000 and test user interest on Kickstarter, a popular online platform that is known for its all-or-nothing results: a campaign must raise its entire goal or it gets nothing.

The ICLOAK campaign garnered worldwide attention with donations from over 40 countries. With the support of 1,804 backers, the campaign surpassed its goal by $25,603 dollars, raising in excess of $100,000.

The pursuit of digital privacy isn’t entirely new. However Delisle’s spin: make any machine anywhere safe, is new for the lay person. “After a series of whistle blower events dealing with government secrecy and the revelation that both big business and big government are routinely invading unsuspecting citizen’s privacy, I decided to use my knowledge of computer security, software development, and technology to develop products and services that average non-tech people could use to defend themselves against those intrusions and protect their privacy.”

The ICLOAK Stik Kickstarter campaign raised a total of $100,603.  Products are anticipated to ship as early as this fall and hit store shelves in 2015. “We were pleased with the results and plan to move forward with fulfillment of the Stik” states Delisle.  “More products are in development and will roll out under the ICLOAK brand. Stay tuned…”

For more information on the ICLOAK™ Stik, ICLOAK™ or cyber security, visit www.icloak.org/

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